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  1. Thursday April 17th Minor League Thread
  2. Reds minor leaguers Top 5 (offensive)
  3. Dragons on TV next couple games
  4. Dayton tickets
  5. Planning on going to my first Bats game tonight.
  6. Jay Bruce and Daryl Thompson mentioned in this weeks Prospect Hot Sheet
  7. Friday April 18th minor league updates
  8. Saturday April 19th Minor League updates
  9. Sunday April 20th minor league updates
  10. Horst, not Muhlmann
  11. Minor League team offers "Fowl Balls," on menu
  12. Monday April 21st minor league updates
  13. First mock draft I have seen
  14. MILB.com rates Chattanooga bullpen as best in minors
  15. Tuesday April 22 Minor League Updates
  16. On the bright side
  17. Chattanooga W/L
  18. Dayton Dragon games on TW cinci
  19. Sarasota Promotion
  20. MiLB.com top 50 prospects for 2008
  21. Wednesday April 23rd minor league updates
  22. Regime change impact on the farm
  23. Cincy has an eye in Jersey (Draft tidbit)
  24. Todd Frazier is so cool thread
  25. Dragons pitchers showing big-league potential early
  26. Danny Ray Herrera promoted to AAA Louisville
  27. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #3 (April 17-23)
  28. Thursday April 24th minor league updates
  29. Can Drew Stubbs Lead-off?
  30. Am I looking at this correctly?
  31. Bats Rotation May 5 thru 8
  32. Jay Bruce 2008 P/PA
  33. Friday April 25th minor league updates
  34. Saturday April 26th minor league updates
  35. Ramon Geronimo putting up some numbers
  36. Sunday April 27th minor league updates
  37. WEHT Rick Asadoorian?
  38. Monday April 28th minor league updates
  39. FSL - Pitcher's League. Why?
  40. Lisa Winston on Homer Bailey and Daryl Thompson
  41. Checking in on the sleepers so far
  42. Louisville Pitching Rotation
  43. Tuesday April 29th minor league updates
  44. Louisville Courier Journal: Bruce still needs small refinements
  45. Wednesday April 30th minor league updates
  46. Chattanooga: Thompson is early star for Lookouts
  47. Jay Bruce Crystal Ball
  48. Organizational leaders on offense (a month in)
  49. Reds Top 25 Prospects- May Edition
  50. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups- #4 (April 24-30)
  51. Thursday May 1st minor league updates
  52. Reds righty bats -- Frazier, Valaika, Stubbs, Waring
  53. Valaika #9 on this week's Prospect Hot Sheet
  54. Detailed plans for Bowling Green, KY minor league ballpark released...
  55. Friday May 2nd minor league updates
  56. Saturday May 3rd minor league updates
  57. Gordon Beckham on ESPNU Now
  58. Sunday May 4th minor league updates
  59. BA on Mesoraco and drafting catchers in the first round
  60. Shaun Cumberland
  61. POW
  62. Monday May 5th Minor League Updates
  63. Saw Homer last night
  64. Tuesday May 6th Minor League Updates
  65. Revisiting our top 40
  66. Who is the next SS in Sarasota?
  67. Danny Herrera
  68. Mesoraco, Parker to Dayton. Frazier to Sarasota. Valaika to Chattanooga
  69. Wednesday May 7th Minor League Updates
  70. Is Stubbs Too Stubborn?
  71. Latest "Draft Tracker" from Baseball America (link)
  72. Thursday May 8th Minor League Updates
  73. BA: Daryl Thompson
  74. Jay Bruce Current Splits
  75. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #5 (May 1-7)
  76. Hey Doug! Tell us about Denis Phipps
  77. 5/9/08 Minor League Updates
  78. Friday May 9th Minor League Updates
  79. 5/10/08 Minor League Updates
  80. Some Recent Trends as of May 11
  81. Sunday 5-11-08 Minor League Game Updates
  82. Monday 5-12-08 Minor League Game Updates
  83. Tuesday 5-13-08 Minor League Updates
  84. Reds' Draft plans unchanged
  85. Homer Bailey and his abilities and inabilities.
  86. Lessons from the Keppinger injury
  87. Daryl Thompson Q&A with Baseball America
  88. Wednesday May 14 Minor League Game Updates
  89. 2008 Redszone mock draft
  90. Bruce letting his bat do the talking
  91. Ben Jukich throws 9-Inning complete game today for Chattanooga
  92. Brett Wallace at pick #7?
  93. DDN article on Keltavious Jones
  94. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #6 (May 8-14)
  95. Thursday May 15th minor league updates
  96. And now your daily update on Bats who should be Reds ...
  97. Pick Em 7 - First Year Player Draft, 2008
  98. Baseball Prospectus on Chris Valaika
  99. Bruce biding time in the Minors
  100. Is Stubbs starting to fall back to failure?
  101. Ramon Geronimo
  102. Jay Bruce #1 on BA Hotsheet and Francisco in the team photo
  103. Jay Bruce is #1 on this week's Prospect Hot Sheet
  104. Baseball America's first mock draft has Reds selecting...
  105. May 16th Minors Updates--Bailey Pitching
  106. Scout's opinion on Jay Bruce
  107. Josh Ravin assigned to Dayton; Kyle Lotzkar could soon join him
  108. Saturday May 17th Minor League Game Updates
  109. Hal's blog on Homer Bailey...
  110. 2008 Player Draft Scouting and Info 1-25
  111. more movement at AA
  112. thumbs still bad?
  113. Sunday May 18th Minor League Game Updates
  114. Rate the strength of this year's draft class.
  115. Top of Last 2 Weeks Stats
  116. schedule ?
  117. Monday May 19th minor league updates
  118. White Sox fire 2 scouts and their scouting director
  119. 2008 pre-draft articles, reports
  120. Tuesday May 20th minor league updates
  121. Watson charging in bullpen
  122. Wednesday May 21st minor league updates
  123. 1999 Preseason Prospect Previews
  124. Herrera gets roughed up
  125. Jonathan Mayo projects the first 20 picks
  126. Todd Frazier named FSL hitter of the week
  127. Danny Herrera Article: Throw-in Shows He Also Can Throw
  128. Jacob Long promoted to Sarasota
  129. Thursday May 22nd minor league updates
  130. Where is Lehr???
  131. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #7 (May 15-21)
  132. So how many losses do we have to get to get this guy next year
  133. Any idea who's pitching for the Bats tonight?
  134. something to do at minorleaguesplits.com
  135. Jay Bruce mentioned in this weeks Prospect Hot Sheet
  136. Post your 1-5 for the draft (Resonable 5)
  137. Friday May 23rd minor league updates
  138. 2004 draft Reds pitchers
  139. Strategic Reds plan for 08, 09 and beyond(long)
  140. Reds.com short article on Homer Bailey
  141. Ryan Hanigan....
  142. Baseball Prospectus on the draft and Reds No. 7 pick
  143. 5/24/08 Minors Updates
  144. why do the Reds have such junk at AAA?
  145. Isn't Ryan Hannnigan a major league prospect?
  146. Sunday May 25th minor league updates
  147. Travis Wood and Jordan Smith promoted to Chattanooga, Daryl Thompson to Louisville
  148. Any chance Craig Tatum is the Reds' long-term solution at catcher?
  149. Baseball America tidbit on the Reds draft
  150. Top Draft Picks, College Tournament
  151. Monday May 26th minor league updates
  152. Mesoraco heating up at Dayton
  153. Why don't the Astros have a rookie ball team?
  154. Steve Kelly Update?
  155. Tom Shearn also to Korea?
  156. Reds Minor League System After Bruce
  157. 2008 College World Series Bracket Challenge
  158. Jim Callis on Potential Picks with Signability Issues
  159. Saw Ramon Ramirez pitch last night
  160. Tuesday May 27th minor league updates
  161. Now that Jay is up..
  162. Reds promote Daryl Thompson to AAA
  163. Three Dragons move up, three new faces arrive
  164. Let us not forget...
  165. New MLB.com mock draft
  166. Wednesday May 28 Minor League game thread
  167. Homer....lately
  168. 2008 mock draft selection thread
  169. Thursday May 29th minor league updates
  170. Fay update on Homer Bailey with quotes from Terry Reynolds
  171. Adopt-A-Prospect idea?
  172. Boston Globe: Minor leaguers' motley monikers
  173. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #8 (May 22-28)
  174. Saw Matt Maloney Pitch Today
  175. Danny Ray Herrera should be in Cincinnati
  176. WSJ article on MLB draft (Porcello)
  177. Daryl Thompson (#4) and Matt Maloney (#13) crack this weeks Prospect Hot Sheet
  178. Sarasota puts Stubbs, Heisey, Geronimo and Francisco on FSL AS Team
  179. Jim Brower to cubs for cash....
  180. Friday May 30th Minor League Game Updates
  181. 2 more promotions
  182. How much salary does the minor league system tie up each year?
  183. Saturday May 31st minor league updates
  184. Who gets promoted to Louisville if....
  185. June 1st Minor League Updates
  186. Terrell Young promoted to Sarasota
  187. Saberscouting Top 100
  188. Reds Organizational Depth Chart
  189. Future Impact Offenders
  190. June 2nd Minor League Game updates
  191. MLB draft is becoming a bigger event each year IMO
  192. Latest MLB.com mock draft (6/3)
  193. Pitchers' Development Question
  194. Bruce tops a special Prospect Hot Sheet with Daryl Thompson checking in at 14
  195. Dominican Summer League underway; Reds players listed inside
  196. Tuesday June 3rd minor league updates
  197. Which player/players are you hoping slides to 84th on Thursday?
  198. Baseball Prospectus mock draft has the Reds selecting...
  199. BJ to Louisville
  200. Wednesday June 4th minor league updates
  201. BP Mock draft
  202. Scouting and Drafting Amatures
  203. Trent predicts Daryl Thompson as the next top prospect called up
  204. Drew Stubbs....
  205. Reds draft preview from Trent's blog
  206. It's time to go on record, ya'll...
  207. UC Prospects for draft
  208. Baseball America article on Juan Francisco
  209. Jonathan Mayo says it's fairly certain Reds will draft Gordon Beckham
  210. Five Dayton Dragons make the MWL all-star squad
  211. Buster Posey to drop?
  212. Dragons moving up; team making little progress
  213. BBA Mock Update: Beckham
  214. 2008 MLB Draft Thread
  215. 2008 MLB Draft Cincinnati Reds Selections
  216. Rays will choose Beckham at No. 1
  217. Alonso thrilled to go to Reds at No. 7
  218. Thursday June 5th minor league updates
  219. Weekly Organizational Game Roundups #9 (May 29-June 4)
  220. Interesting (weird?) thread about Tyler Cline
  221. What is your favorite "Future Reds Lineup" Now?
  222. Watch Alonso and the draft picks beginning today (Friday 6/6/08)
  223. Post Draft (1st day) Top 10
  224. Reds draft picks playing in College World Series/Super Regionals
  225. Article on Zach Stewart
  226. Where are the Reds Going?
  227. Good perspective on the draft
  228. Reminder: Dayton Dragons on TV tonight
  229. June 6 Minor League Game Updates
  230. Draftee's Assignments
  231. 2008 Reds Draft Info
  232. 2008 Reds Draft Info
  233. Lookin at the Lefties Lately
  234. anyone willing to grade the 2008 Draft???
  235. Looks like Reds and 11th-round pick Means have an agreement already
  236. 06/07/08 (SAT) Minors updates:
  237. I wouldn't be surprised if they try Yonder at 3rd
  238. Somebody's Raking
  239. Reds draft picks youve seen on TV
  240. Can Valaika or Frazier play CF?
  241. Tom Archdeacon: Dragons trio are part of the Jones family
  242. Reds: Alonso hasn't made any demands
  243. Reds Top 25 Prospects- June Edition
  244. Kepp in extended spring training?
  245. June 8 Minor League Game Updates
  246. Reds/Lookouts to Extend?
  247. FSL All-Star selections.
  248. Midwest League AS Roster
  249. 6/9/08 Minor League Game Updates
  250. Anybody know anything about this guy, or even hear of him for that matter......