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  1. Steelers LB Porter Unimpressed w/ Colts Offense
  2. Happy Friday the 13th!
  3. Mularkey resigns as Bills' head coach
  4. Dancing with the Stars
  5. Hot stock tips?
  6. Question about receiver/speakers
  7. Just got back from seeing Glory Road
  8. What to do?
  9. Edskin
  10. Shelley Winters Dies at 85
  11. Birthday coincidence..or twins?
  12. Steelers/Colts: Eating Some Crow?
  13. Pluses and Minuses for Wright-Pat
  14. I think this might make Bengals fans feel a bit better..
  15. Speculation on UC Coaching Change
  16. 24 Season 5
  17. Joey Porter's at it again.
  18. Eminem remarries his ex-wife four years after divorcing her
  19. Any word on "MLB 2007" video game yet?
  20. Tell-tale parrot exposes cheating girlfriend
  21. Open question to everyone
  22. Typoglycemia
  23. To the punk(s) who smashed my car window out last night...
  24. Nice Gretzky Story for Hockey Fans
  25. Question for all the lawyers/law students on the board
  26. The Xavier way....should UC take note?
  27. oil changes
  28. Remember Teeny Bop Idol Leif Garrett?
  29. Another NBA player goes into the stands
  30. Columbus Blue Jackets defenceman Bryan Berard tests positive for steroids
  31. Wilson Pickett has died...
  32. The crosstown shootout wasn't Huggins-less after all
  33. Worst. Headline. Ever.
  34. B.B. King announces final world tour
  35. NFL referee Pete Morelli had a bad week
  36. The Melting Pot
  37. Happy Birthday Traderumor
  38. Ohio State Football Recruiting update (if you're interested...)
  39. Gimme your all-time favorite Seinfeld lines:
  40. Caption Me
  41. Caption Me, part two
  42. Young Chuck Norris
  43. Kobe drops 81 on Toronto
  44. ‘Friends’ Returns to TV
  45. A Worse Idea Than Friends Returning To TV
  46. A rarity: I am taking Kobe's side
  47. Student wearing Broncos jersey forced to take test on floor
  48. CW network to replace UPN & WB
  49. How clean is your city?
  50. Chris Penn (brother of Sean Penn and Michael Penn) found dead
  51. "Redzone1" license plate in South Charlotte?
  52. UK Fans
  53. Warner plans SE DVDs for *all* "Superman" films - details
  54. Air Force Basic Training
  55. Songs Whose Title Are Not in the Lyrics
  56. Your (Or Someone You Know's) Weirdest Habit/Hangup
  57. Favorite Bond Movie?
  58. ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff and Videographer Seriously Injured in Iraq
  59. Help
  60. Removing iPod scratches.
  61. MP3 player Advice
  62. The Wicker Man remake
  63. Yet another E-Bay "novelty" auction
  64. Your favorite one-hit wonders, please...
  65. Happy Birthday to Randy in Charlotte
  66. Coretta Scott King Passes Away
  67. I may have Brokeback Mountain Fever!!!!
  68. Academy Awards: Actor in a Leading Role
  69. Academy Awards: Actor in a Supporting Role
  70. Academy Awards: Actress in a Leading Role
  71. Academy Awards: Actress in a Supporting Role
  72. Academy Awards: Best Picture
  73. Tax related question
  74. women you find attractive that others would strongly disagree with you on
  75. Napoleon Dynamite
  76. Which so-called "attractive" people do you find repulsive?
  77. NASA confirms a 10th planet in our Solar System...
  78. The Prestige
  79. Media Trying to Cook Up Controversy for the Super Bowl
  80. Steelers got their logo from...
  81. If cheerleaders can't work at Hooters...
  82. I think somebody's obsessed.
  83. Worst Commercialization of a Song
  84. UFC 57 - Liddell vs. Couture
  85. Here you go, Gentlemen!
  86. Pregnant Steeler fan has labor induced...
  87. Seeking help/advice regarding stoplight cameras
  88. who closed the "attractive people" threads and why?
  89. Henson Company announces Dark Crystal sequel
  90. Brokeback To The Future
  91. You'll hate me for showing you this...
  92. Here We Go Steelers
  93. American Stars in Japanese Commercials
  94. "I was blocked into him
  95. North College Hill vs Oak Hill Academy
  96. Did Craig Morton throw the Superbowl?
  97. Damn, how bout those Gators?
  98. I don't even know what skeleton is!
  99. The First Cut is the Deepest, Lance
  100. Grandpa 'Munster' dies at age 82
  101. "Full House" star talks about meth addiction
  102. Oops, She did it again!?
  103. UC fraternity among those giving up alcohol
  104. Caption Me
  105. Super Bowl Commercials thread
  106. This totally stinks...it should have been the Bengals...
  107. Message in a bottle
  108. It's Michigan week...Go Bucks!
  109. your favorite sports teams...
  110. You're a class act Joe Montana
  111. For Krusty, SteelSD and all sports fans.....
  112. your LEAST favorite sports teams...
  113. World Cup Discussion Thread
  114. Ouch! Bill Cower....
  115. DeerHunter
  116. Latest Vanity Fair Cover
  117. German director Werner Herzog has had quite a week
  118. Stones Slam Super Bowl Censorship
  119. Gretzky's Wife Cited in Gambling Ring
  120. Mr. Tony to hit Prime Time....
  121. First Grader Suspended for Harassment
  122. Funny banned commercial(PG-13)
  123. Fred, Undercover Kitten
  124. Stay 'tooned: Disney gets 'Oswald' for Al Michaels
  125. I'm not using steroids, I'm just losing my hair
  126. What, no shoulder pads?
  127. Actual honest to goodness live baseball...............
  128. Olympic Fever? Why aren't YOU in Torino?
  129. Things people do that annoy the crap out of you
  130. Your Favorite Power Ballads
  131. Little Footstool on the way
  132. Should sports betting be legalized?
  133. Bill Graham Concerts
  134. It has happened
  135. cincybengals.com
  136. Talladega Nights - new Ferrell
  137. Michelle Kwan withdraws from Oylmpics
  138. TV shows you make sure you never miss
  139. Go Bucks! The boys opened a big ol' can on the Illni
  140. If Guns are outlawed, only vice presidents will shoot their cronies accidentally
  141. 'Jaws' Author Peter Benchley Dies at 65 (2/12)
  142. I need some serios geek help
  143. Zimpher taking a page from the Lindner/Allen playbook
  144. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  145. Beer Pong....
  146. Luke's Uncle Owen has passed away
  147. MVP 06: MLB for the PC - Livin' Large
  148. Movie Reviews
  149. Olympic hockey
  150. Judge: Ohio State improperly fired ex-coach O'Brien
  151. Mike Davis has officially resigned at IU...
  152. Go Bearcats! Big win on the road!
  153. Wheels - PM Box
  154. Is XM in trouble?
  155. Can anyone explain curling to me?
  156. I guess you can get arrested for anything now.
  157. To Protect and Serve
  158. NBA Mid-Season Awards and Pop Culture Pop Shots
  159. The Flaming Lips fans...
  160. Figure Skating Announcers....
  161. Olympic Motto
  162. John Michael Montgomery's Wild Night in Lexington
  163. Brad Paisley/Sara Evans concert
  164. Ticketmaster help
  165. Studs, duds and players 'sometimes a Fantasy' (2/16)
  166. Data Disease (2/16)
  167. French Actress Eva Green Is New Bond Girl
  168. Think before hitting that Send button: E-mail Spat Makes Its Way Around The Globe
  169. Anyone having trouble loading other websites
  170. The Kevin Federline CD
  171. Alford's Canned Response
  172. Some funny stuff
  173. Sopranos season 6: Your Predictions
  174. Ricky caught smoking the wacky weed again?
  175. Nascar Question for you Brainiacs
  176. Oden, Conley believe Matta will stay at OSU
  177. It's a great time to be a Buckeye fan!
  178. Question about passing out...
  179. Prayer request: GAC's house has burned down
  180. Ray Davies Solo album hits the stores today!
  181. Cheney's Got a Gun
  182. Katrina
  183. Donations for GAC and family
  184. Any guitar players? I need advice...
  185. Why you should not smoke
  186. Your favorite actors/actresses
  187. Boardroom daggers!
  188. Caption Erin Andrews and fan
  189. Guys...it's ok to like figure skating
  190. Decourcey: Andy Kennedy leading candidate for UC job
  191. Xavier dismissed Finn from basketball team
  192. Bowflex
  193. 90 pound mother wrestles 700 pound polar bear to save son
  194. You Know You're From Cincinnati When...
  195. HUGE win for the Bucks last night...
  196. Vote For Your Favorite and Least-Favorite NFL Helmets at USA Today
  197. And he actually thought she'd marry him???
  198. What a great story!
  199. UFC 58 - Rich Franklin (Cincy guy) vs. David Loiseau
  200. Printer Problem
  201. American Idol...your thoughts on who got cut
  202. UC vs. Villinova update
  203. For fans of indie rock
  204. Spider-Man is wearing a black suit!
  205. Hope on the Hill; Loss and solace at the Olympics
  206. Chewbacca's Blog
  207. Make your own Motivational Poster!
  208. Matta happy at Ohio State...
  209. Thoughts on improving Olympic coverage
  210. Don Knotts, star of "The Andy Griffith Show," dead at 81
  211. Darren McGavin Dies at 83 (2/25)
  212. Need a caption 4 this 1
  213. Cliches That Don't Make Sense
  214. XM Radio question
  215. Question for PS2 gamers
  216. Which school has the best NCAA coaching combo (football/basketball)?
  217. I didn't know Glenn Campbell was cool.
  218. WLW to simulcast on XM
  219. Want to get promoted by Zimpher? Just practice law without a license
  220. Dennis Weaver of TV/movies dies at 81
  221. Sad Tale From Turin Ugly American Style
  222. Commonly misused words and phrases
  223. NCAA® March Madness™ on Demand is totally FREE for the first time ever!
  224. Movies that are on TV seemingly every night
  225. Report: Huggins up for USF job (2/28)
  226. NFL Mock Draft's
  227. 2/28 American Idol...which girls get the axe?
  228. San Lucas...
  229. Questions about DirecTV and Digital Video Recorders
  230. Reese Witherspoon has become highest paid actress of all time
  231. Fly one way to Cancun for $1 from Cincinnati and other airports
  232. Stupid is as stupid does ...
  233. United States v. Poland TODAY 3/1 @ 2 p.m.
  234. For The Maiden Fans
  235. Pistons sign Tony Delk...
  236. Are you smarter than Vince Young?
  237. Let's talk about southern Ohio
  238. Can we bottle Tubby's coaching ability?
  239. 3/1 American Idol...which guy gets the axe?
  240. Larry Brown:"I'm in this for the Long Haul"
  241. The Best NBA Trade Deadline Moves Of The Past Ten Years
  242. TV commericals that you are sick to death of seeing...
  243. Clock striking midnight on T.O.
  244. The Benchwarmers
  245. NFL Heading Towards Armageddon
  246. Marvin vows to cut halftime leak
  247. Own a TIVO & XM ?
  248. Are these considered ironies?
  249. Flute Loses Owner - Jack Wild Dies
  250. Flute Loses Owner - Jack Wild Dies