View Full Version : International Influx

07-04-2013, 07:58 AM
The system looks to be benefitting with quite an influx of international guys into the lower minors. We knew about Jonathon Reynoso before the season, but names that have stood out in box scores so far include Alberti Chavez (2B), Ronald Bueno (MI), Aristedes Aquino (OF), Jose Ortiz (C) and Junior Morillo (P). Add some holdovers emerging from the pack like Sharky Rogers, Juan Silva, Daniel Piggott and Ty Washington and the system depth seems to be recovering fairly quickly. Still a little thin in the upper levels, but I think some real help could be there fairly soon.

We had plenty of discussion of the draftees on draft day. Anyone have info on any of these international guys? Using this thread for scouting reports, if any exist that can be shared, would be good IMO.