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11-14-2014, 12:48 AM
Yoan Moncada is one of the best Cuban prospects this year and is said to be a potential 1-1 player if he were eligible for the draft. He's a 19 year old middle infielder with loads of potential. I wouldn't mind the Reds dishing out some cash to get him...too bad they're maxed out already.


11-14-2014, 09:45 AM
actually the Reds aren't maxed out in the International FA arena. Moncada will be subject to limits of the bonus pool for International FAs which means the Reds can compete. His bonus will be high but not anything like the contracts of the unrestricted Cuban players. He is good enough, though, someone is going to bust their bonus pool to get him and pay the penalties (a fine that doubles the bonus paid, in effect, and loss of ability to sign anyone over 300K in the next signing period.) If it takes that, the Reds may not be players.

11-15-2014, 12:23 AM
Any team that signs him is going to pay way more than their "cap" is and will lose their ability to sign anyone of note next year. That's the kind of money it's going to take to get him signed. That gives a big advantage to teams that already can't sign anyone next year as they really only have money to lose on the deal, where as other teams have money and next years crop to lose. I'd expect the Yankees to be big time here as they've already spent nearly $20M this year (with a cap of something like $3M), so they may as well just be the Yankees and get it done.

11-15-2014, 09:47 AM
I agree IF he can get his unblocking license and become declared before July 2nd but so far no one knows when that will be granted. If the process drags on until after July 2nd, then the Yanks, Rays, Red Sox and Angels are out but the Cubs and Rangers, who were blocked this signing period, are back in. Moncado's first tryout was a massive success. He simply blew minds. Now the talk is he is better than Soler, Puig, Abreu, all the way to his being the best ballplayer to EVER come out of Cuba. You know hype works. In this case, it is breeding a frenzy. To make things more confusing, Moncado has a passport FROM Cuba and can return freely at anytime. This is a first. It also has the Office of Foreign Assets in a tizzy, unsure whether to unblock him peremptorily or complete a thorough investigation of the unusual circumstances first. So, Moncado has become a bit of a political pawn in the game. Seems the Office of Foreign Assets is cool if a guy defects but when the Cuban government freely releases the guy it is a "Whoa! Wait a minute - what's going on here" moment for them. Moncado is also represented by a CPA who has never negotiated a baseball contract of any kind before. He is running the kid with such an iron fist that he had 2 scouts from Boras' company thrown out by armed guards at Moncado's tryouts. WTH is going on anyway? Finally, the money. The talk is now about a 30-40 million dollar bonus. Add the penalty and you're talking 50-60 million to sign this kid, plus not being able to sign anyone over 300K for 2 signing periods, so a team has to be prepared to forego International players of note for 2 years if they sign Moncado. This is becoming a truly juicy story with lots of twists and strange turns.

12-10-2014, 01:27 AM
Aoki gets on base. Huge issue for this team.

12-10-2014, 04:36 PM
Aoki gets on base. Huge issue for this team.

May not be a "perfect" prospect, but I think we're in a spot where I'd consider over-paying.

12-10-2014, 05:08 PM
Way too much resource for one player that's still unproven. No way unfortunately.