View Full Version : Major transformation of my offense

Red Leader
06-24-2003, 02:00 PM
Here are my hitters (currently)

C- Varitek
1B- Huff
2B- Durham
SS- Nomar
3B- A. Ramirez
OF- B. Giles
OF- L. Gonzalez
OF- Klesko
UTIL- Cabrera
UTIL- S. Green
UTIL- G. Jenkins
BENCH- D. Roberts

O.K. Here's the issue. There are several players that I want to grab off the wire before they get healthy. Two, I guess, that I really want. On top of that, I'm getting Randy Johnson back on July 17th (hopefully) and will have to either cut a hitter or Ryan Franklin to activate the Unit.

The two players I want are : 3B Eric Hinske and OF Bernie Williams. I am trying to trade Jason Varitek and Derrek Lee for Jorge Posada to create 1 roster spot to pick up one of these guys. D. Roberts, I could probably waive to pick up the other, but that still leaves me with having to waive Franklin to make room for the Unit. Is that the way I should do it? I haven't heard back from the owner on the deal I offered, but he isn't much for trading, even if this is favorable to his side. What if he won't make that move. What should I do?

1) Waive Roberts and pick up Bernie, then waive Franklin when the Unit is ready, and keep Ramirez?
2) Waive Ramirez, pick up Hinske, waive Roberts and pick up Bernie, and waive Franklin for the Unit.
3) Other (please advise)

Any help is appreciated. I have to make these moves somewhat fast if I hope to get these players as I assume other owners are just about ready to pounce on them as well...

Ryan the Reds Fan
06-24-2003, 02:43 PM
What is your entire roster including Pitchers?

No way that other team makes that trade.

What is your scoring system?

I would guess that you should drop Roberts and add Bernie, that should be a no brainer.

But as for the other, have you really looked at Klesko's numbers? Not that great this year. Depending on what stat categories are, D. Lee could be more valuable.