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10-19-2003, 05:59 PM
Would anyone be interested in something like this?

Basic Overview of League Structure
Each team will have a president/owner. The president/owner will register with the league commissioners and make trades, put players on wavier, draft picks and/or sign free agents / restricted free agents). The president/owner can replace his GM, but must notify the league. All presidents/owners (under 1,000 posts) must officially have their emails publicly displayed; this will allow greater interaction, and keep people active. Non-active president/owners can be removed, and replaced by the GM after 2 weeks of none mlbcenter.com activity (posts, league transactions), whom then will appoint his own GM.

Owners in this League do not have to act like their real counterparts (limitless budgets, mold the team to your hearts’ desire). No owner or GM may take part of either responsibility for another team in this league.

League Trading
Trades that occur between 2 or more teams must meet all current CBA regulations (see below). This includes the wait period to trade recently signed players (although for our pusposes we are reducing this to 30 days instead to make things more lively). All parties involved must pm a league commissioner notifying him(s)/her(s), and await confirmation (checking if the figures work and collusion is not in part).

See below for format to report trades.

Free Agent and Restricted Free Agent Signings
To sign a Free Agent, the team will pm a league commissioner the offer. The League commissioners will then decide on the player’s behalf. All offers must meet salary cap related regulations. After the decision is made; and if the answer is to sign a contract, a commissioner will pm the former team’s owner and notify they may try to work out a sign and trade. All sign and trade deals must meet all salary cap related regulations.

In regards to Restricted Free Agents, the team will pm a league commissioner the offer. The league commissioners will then decide on the player’s behalf either to sign or decline the offer sheet. The team with his (restricted free agent) rights will have 1 week to either match or decline the offer.

When the league commissioners are deciding on the players’ behalves, issues other then money will come into play. Teams’ looking to sign the player may forward info (web sites) such as where the player went to college, if he owns a home in the area, if his best friend in the league is on your team, desire to win, and other things of interest. Other factors that may come into play are if as a team you have put many different offers on the table, your tendencies to waive players (if any), or your tendencies to withdrawal offers (if any).

Player options will be based / exercised or declined on a decision by the commissioners as well (a lot of this will have to be based on the players action within the MLB).

See Below for format to offering Free Agents (or RFAs) contracts.

Salary Cap
It is of my opinion that GM's may increase or decrease their payroll as of the wishes of their real life counterpart. For example, if Houston is looking to decrease payroll by $8 million, Houston's GM in our league must decrease his payroll but $8 million as well.

Buying Out Players Contracts
Any team that wishes to buy out a player’s contract must contact the league commissioners. The commissioners will decide upon the offer on the player’s behalf. If a player is bought out, he becomes a Free Agent.

Drafting will be done by the real teams only. Whoever your team drafts in real life, is who you draft in our league.

Injury Exceptions
If a real life counterpart goes on the disabled list, he will also be out in our league for the same time period. Players on the 15-day or 60-day DL do not counter against your 25 man roster.

Our expansion draft will hold form with the MLB’s set rules and regulations. A list will be submitted to a league commissioner whom will then pass it to the owner of the new club.
Format to Report Trades

Send in a pm to a commissioner:

Teams involved
Players involved


Cubs and Marlins
Simon for Lee

Format to Offer Free Agents (or RFAs) contracts

Send in a pm to a commissioner:

Yearly Salaries


Kelvim Escobar
5,445,000 (Player Option)
5,989,500 (Team Option)
We would use ootp5 to sim. If you're interested or want to know more info, please post here:

they'll have a site as well and we need 7 more teams i believe.

10-19-2003, 07:20 PM
I joined, I took on the Astros.

Larkin Fan
10-19-2003, 07:33 PM
I just took the Philles. Sounds like a lot of fun.