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01-16-2004, 08:16 AM
...has a new commissioner, new rules, and a new website at www.rzsl.com. Check it out; we're just getting ready to start the free agency period, and we have the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Orioles and Mariners still available. Now would be a great time to jump into the league.

01-16-2004, 08:52 AM
yes, come and test your GM mettle (rather than just whine about what other GMs should do). see how you stack up against other posters like Chico, beb, JQLorenz, danforsman, Redsfaithful and myself...see how you do against BlueJayWa.ca posters eric the great and BroaduS. now's the time to show what you're made of and if your philosophies work.

Ryan the Reds Fan
01-16-2004, 09:50 AM
How much time does this take to actually make a good effort? I'd be interested, just don't have the time to do it every day.

01-16-2004, 09:53 AM
probably about an hour to do your cuts and tags...but you can spread that out over about a week...then after the draft, probably about 20 minutes a week.

Ryan the Reds Fan
01-16-2004, 10:00 AM
Having never done it before, I don't want to try and then not have the time and make the league not as competitive. I need to take a look though to get an idea for the future.

01-16-2004, 10:09 AM
to keep this clutter free, i'll PM some info.

01-16-2004, 11:47 AM
For whatever reason, I could never get the software to work for me...:mad:

02-11-2004, 11:23 AM
The RZSL currently has an opening for the Houston Astros. The RZSL Astros are a good team with some young talent in the farm system, but trapped right now in what has become a very tough NL Central. Most of the offseason grunt work is done; what this team needs right now is just a GM to set the lineups and play out the season. If you're interested, check out www.rzsl.com and either e-mail the Tampa Bay owner or post a message on the message board.

02-17-2004, 11:13 AM
The Pittsburgh Pirates are also available.