View Full Version : Need some help on a couple trades

Sabo Fan
04-08-2004, 11:11 AM
I'm in a five team points league and here's my team:

C J. Posada (NYY - C)
1B C. Delgado (Tor - 1B)
2B J. Vidro (Mon - 2B)
3B S. Rolen (StL - 3B)
SS Á. Rodríguez (NYY - SS)
IF R. Sexson (Ari - 1B)
LF P. Burrell (Phi - LF)
CF B. Giles (SD - LF,CF)
RF A. Huff (TB - 1B,RF,DH)
OF A. Dunn (Cin - 1B,LF)
Util K. Griffey Jr. (Cin - CF)
BN H. Blalock (Tex - 3B)
BN L. Berkman (Hou - LF)
BN M. Teixeira (Tex - 1B,3B)

SP M. Mulder (Oak - SP)
SP M. Mussina (NYY - SP)
SP R. Oswalt (Hou - SP)
SP D. Lowe (Bos - SP)
SP F. García (Sea - SP)
RP T. Percival (Ana - RP)
RP A. Rhodes (Oak - RP)
P B. Webb (Ari - SP)
P J. Washburn (Ana - SP)
BN B. Zito (Oak - SP)
BN J. Santana (Min - SP,RP)
BN M. Morris (StL - SP)

Don't get alarmed by who I have starting, I jockey my lineup and "rotation" daily depending on who has off-days, matchups, etc.

Currently I have two deals I'm thinking about. One is Mussina for Eric Chavez, and the other is Dunn, Rolen, and Morris for Pujols. I'm wondering if I'm overpaying here or not. I feel like I'm a little shaky in the OF and since Pujols still has OF eligibility I decided to take a shot and see if I could get him. The guy said he needed about a week to decide on the deal because he wanted to see if Dunn and Rolen were going to produce (I won't even touch the small sample size issue here, this guy likes to go with whoever's hot, even if it's a flash in the pan deal). I'm thinking that if the Pujols deal doesn't pan out then I should nix the Chavez deal since I won't need a third baseman.

So basically it breaks down to Mussina, Rolen, Dunn, and Morris for Pujols and Chavez, plus whoever I can pick up off the waiver wire. Right now the leading candidates seem to be Dye, Nevin and Marcus Giles as far as position players go, and Sabathia, Odalis Perez, Buehrle, and Penny when it comes to pitchers. I feel like I can more than replace the production of the guys I'm dealing with free agents, plus add two marquee players in Chavez and Pujols. Opinions?