View Full Version : More trade advice needed...

Red Leader
04-12-2004, 01:04 PM
Here is my current pitching staff:

SP Mike Mussina, NYY
SP Jamie Moyer, SEA
SP Joel Pineiro, SEA
SP Freddy Garcia, SEA
SP Brett Myers, PHI
SP Adam Eaton, SD

RP Octavio Dotel, HOU
RP Arthur Rhodes, OAK
RP Armando Benitez, FLA

DL A.J. Burnett, FLA
DL Jon Lieber NYY

I'm trying to upgrade my starting pitching staff. Two deals I'm currently thinking about:

Trade 1: I send SP Joel Pineiro and RP Arthur Rhodes for SP Brandon Webb and RP Joe Nathan. IMO, good trade for me. If Nathan doesn't work out I hope there's a closer available that I can grab via FA when the time comes. I still have Dotel and Benitez to grab the majority of the saves. Pineiro - Webb, I think is an upgrade...

Trade 2: I send SP Joel Pineiro and SP Brett Myers for SP C.C. Sabathia and SP Kip Wells. This one I'm not so sure about. This may not be a very good trade the more I think about it, but Sabathia has been improving and Wells has been pretty tough as well. I may lose some wins overall, but K's should increase a little.

I'm also trying to figure out a way to get SP Roger Clemens. Owner won't do Pineiro straight up for Clemens, and I'm not sure what else to add to the trade. Was thinking Pineiro + Myers for Clemens, but that seems to be overpaying a little. Thoughts?

Sabo Fan
04-12-2004, 06:26 PM
I would do trade #1. I think Webb is going to have an outstanding year, plus the offense behind him is much better than Pineiro's. Rhodes for Nathan is a bit of a step down, but I think that is more than offset by Pineiro for Webb. Plus, I think Nathan will get plenty of save opportunites, mostly because there isn't anyone in that bullpen that will challenge him.

I don't know if I'd try to get Clemens at that price. Despite his great first outing I think he'll come back to earth at some point, and that ballpark scares me.