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04-19-2004, 08:21 PM


The basic strategy of Maxim Fallacy Baseball is as simple as the infield fly rule: Pick baseball players who produce the most negative statistics (i.e., the players most likely to piss off their managers, fans, and teammates with their nacho-tossing incompetence) and, thus, score the most Fallacy points based upon our revolutionary patented* scoring system. Since you're likely an expert at making poor selections in ordinary fantasy games, you should really thrive here.

*Scoring system not patented.


Maxim Fallacy Baseball is as free as a seat at Beat-up Couch Stadium. We could never charge hard-working American taxpayers for this kind of competitive dysfunction.


We "convinced" bemused chlorophyllionaire Felix Dennis to award you a generous $50,000,000 salary cap to assemble your team. To buy a player, simply click on his salary. To search for players, click on Buy Players in the left navigation bar. Use your $50,000,000 wisely and you might be crowned Supreme Ruler of Middle Boobistan! Remember, you must have a complete roster to earn points.
You must select the following positions for your team (13 total):
1 Catcher
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop
1 Third Baseman
3 Outfielders
5 Pitchers


Points in Maxim Fallacy Baseball are awarded as follows:

Out (At Bat - Hit) 5 points

Strikeout 10 points

Caught Stealing 25 points

Hit by Pitch -5 points

0-for-4 or worse 50 points

Error 50 points

Single -5 points

Double -10 points

Triple -15 points

Home Run -25 points

Walk -5 points

RBI -10 points

Stolen Base -5 points

4 or More Hits in a Game -25 points

Hit for Cycle -50 points


Loss 25 points

Blown Save 50 points

Hit Allowed 5 points

Walk Allowed 5 point

Hit Batter 25 points

Earned Run Allowed 10 points

Wild Pitch 25 points

Balk 50 points

Starter pulled within four or fewer innings 50 points

Error 50 points

Win -25 points

Save -15 points

Strikeout -10 points

Complete Game -25 points

Shutout -100 points

No-Hitter -1000 points

Perfect Game -2500 points

Anyone interested?

In a little lighthearted fantasy fun?

The league number for Redszone is 591 and password is Dunn.

04-19-2004, 08:48 PM
I'm in. Losing is my specialty.

04-20-2004, 09:54 AM
Sounds fun.. but dont think i can

04-23-2004, 04:55 PM
I don't have any idea how or why, but the Yokels are crushing the Ogres 755 to -90. I think that means I'm winning. :confused: