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Red Leader
06-01-2004, 12:30 PM
My current starters:

M. Mussina
F. Garcia
J. Moyer
J. Pineiro
J. Lieber
J. Contreras
DL A.J. Burnett

My current relievers

A. Benitez
O. Dotel
A. Rhodes

Yep, all Yankees and Mariners for starters...pretty sweet, huh? Can't do anything about it. Nobody will trade with me and not very good options as far as starters go on the waiver wire.

Here is the situation. Burnett comes off the DL this week, I have to drop someone to activate him. The decision for me is coming down to Conteras vs A. Rhodes.

Option 1: Rhodes needs to go as he has really struggled lately, especially this past weekend, but I like the idea of having three closers as it should help me in saves, ERA, and WHIP in head to head matchups. Problem is Rhodes isn't helping in any of those categories and hasn't for the last month. Borowski is a free agent in our league for the same reason.

Option 2: Drop Contreras and activate Burnett in his place. I could also then drop Rhodes and pick up Borowski (similar), Affeldt (KC) or Frasor (TOR) to take Rhodes' place.

Option 3: Drop Conteras, activate Burnett and hope that Rhodes recovers and outpitches the closers above.

Personally, I think no matter what, I have to replace Rhodes. The decision comes down to, do I want to just drop him and replace him with Burnett and go with 2 closers, or do I want to drop him and pick up another closer (leaning toward Affeldt or Frasor) and drop one of my starters to activate Burnett. I guess another option would be to drop Rhodes now, and replace him with Affeld or Frasor and keep Burnett on my DL for awhile to see how he does. If I went that route I could keep Contreras to see how he does as well, but I'd have to do that soon, before Yahoo takes Burnett off the DL.

What do you guys think?

06-02-2004, 01:15 AM
I have no love for Contreras, so I would drop him. That being said I have Burnett as well and I think he will look relativly poor his first few starts, then he will mix some above average, average, and bad start. (so it is probably really a coin flip as to which one will be more valuable.)

But, I would definatly drop Rhodes of Affeldt...(I didnt want to question Billy Beane as far as closers go, but Rhodes has not done well in the spot before, I see him being traded to a lefty setup role on another team.) Affeldt seems secure and I think he was meant for the task all along, after he gets into the groove again the K's and S's will come.