View Full Version : Would you make this fantasy trade?

06-03-2004, 07:45 PM
Pedro and Brandon Looper


Danny Graves and Wade Miller

I have Graves/Miller so...Pedro is not what he should be right now, but is it a good time to sell high on Graves and buy low on Pedro? Looper has been dominating, just doesn't have the saves. I have John Smoltz as my other closer right now, but he also hasn't gotten the saves that he should (7).


Red Leader
06-03-2004, 07:50 PM
Pedro inevitably always ends up on the DL at some point during the season. Graves is on fire as far as saves go. It probably won't last all season, but I don't think he'll fall of the face of the earth. Is this a head to head league, or roto? If its roto, you probably have a big lead in saves. If its head to head, you have to keep Graves, IMO. Smoltz could break down during the season as well and then you'd be in trouble. I would focus on another ACE type pitcher instead of Pedro. His numbers are down this year for a reason, he doesn't have dominating stuff anymore, and he's a huge injury risk to boot. Halladay just went on the DL today and might be had for less than what he should. Jason Schmidt is a good target for a trade like this. Others: Kerry Wood (on DL); Prior (coming off DL tomorrow), Oswalt (value somewhat down), etc.

06-03-2004, 07:55 PM
This is a roto league.I am currently in 3rd in saves. A guy uses 3-4 RP every night so he is beating me by 8 (He has Herges, Hoffman, Dotel, Nathan)

My offense is pretty decent. I'm in the top 5 in every category except SB, but my SP is horrible. I missed my live draft so the CPU picked all kinds of hitters.

My SP are: Kip Wells, Escobar, Trachsel, Miller, Paul Wilson, Webb.

06-04-2004, 09:27 AM
Pedro's been giving me headaches all season. Season totals are worse that some of my no name pitchers I've snagged.