View Full Version : Made a deal in my shallow NL onlt Roto League

07-04-2004, 11:53 AM
I traded Jason Werth and Brad Lidge for Larry Walker and Darren Dreifort. I already had Billy Wagner and Braden Looper for saves, so if it looks like too little for a cheap closer on a great team, it probably still is but I was last in the league in ba. at the time. I think Walker is going to have a huge second half. Last year, a shoulder injury took away a lot of his power. The time off from that and his leg problems the first half of this year should have him driving the ball again. But, what do you guys think? I'm in second place, four points back on July 4th. Here is my team after a flurry of trades...

C Jason Phillips
C Vance Wilson
1b Todd Helton
2b Jose Vidro
3b Tony Batista
SS Jimmy Rollins
MI Kaz Matsui
CM Jeff Conine
OF Moises Alou
OF Jim Edmonds
OF Larry Walker
OF Richard Hidalgo
OF Rob Mackowiak
UT Scott Hairston

P Matt Morris
P Al Leiter
P Carl Pavano
P Livan Hernandez
P David Wells
P Jaret Wright
P Ryan Madson
P Akinori Otsuka
P Darren Dreifort
P Billy Wagner
P Braden Looper

I am first in ERA and Ratio, 3rd in wins, 3rd in saves, 4th in home runs, 4th in rbi's, 6th in stolen bases, 9th in ba (after a monster weekend). I figure Walker is untradeable, and if healthy could win me the title. What do you guys think? Do I need to make another deal? I am banking on Walker being untradeable and healthy. I've basically mortgaged my future to get this roster, as it's a keeper league.