View Full Version : Would you take any of these trades?

07-13-2004, 01:31 PM
I somehow ended up with 4 good 3rd basemen... And I need help else where... So here are some of the trades I offered up.

1st Trade

M. Lowell and C. Sliva for M. Buehrle

His 2 3rd basemen are C. Blake and T. Batista

2nd Trade

E. Chavez & O. Cabrera for J. Wilson

His 3rd basemen is Corey Koskie

3rd Trade

A. Kennedy and S. Burroughs for J. Vidro

His 3rd basemen is Mora (DL)

Am I giving up to much? Not Enough? Am I getting Ripped off?

I need another soild starter ( Buehrle )
Decent 2nd basemen ( Vidro )
Then a good hitting SS ( Wilson )

I still have A. Ramírez left to use at 3rd or should he put into place of one of the trades?


Red Leader
07-13-2004, 02:07 PM
A couple thoughts here first.

Lowell is usually a poor second half player, so don't be afraid to move him for a legit pitcher.

Chavez and Cabrera are usually REALLY good in the second half, so don't trade them (and you won't need to trade for a SS, Cabrera will be good).

Kennedy is usually a good second half performer as well, but I wouldn't be hesitant to move him for Vidro.

Bottom line: Make sure you keep Chavez for 3B and Cabrera for SS. If you need pitching help throw Lowell's name out there and see who's name comes up. I would think you could do better than Buehrle. Someone like M.Mussina who has faltered in the first half would be a good bet to produce in the second half. Other names would include: M. Clement, T. Hudson, and C.Zambrano. I like the third trade (for Vidro) the best. The others I wouldn't do, especially Chavez / Cabrera for Jack Wilson??? Uggh. You'll hate yourself if you make that deal. You also mention that you have Aramis Ramirez. If you can only play one 3B, I think it should be Chavez, which means you can offer up Ramirez after he gets back from injury. He usually does pretty well in the second half as well, so look to move him (if you do) shortly before your trade deadline in the league. Good luck.

07-18-2004, 09:28 AM
Is this in the league where you ended up getting Ishii for Lowell?

If so, I went back and forth with the same guy for the whole first half of the season before we finally worked out a trade over the All Star break. It was great fun. :)