View Full Version : Please Join My Fantasy Football League (it's free!)

08-07-2004, 10:29 AM
My league is free, but if enough people join I'd be happy to provide a prize-- perhaps a trophy even I set it up at Yahoo sports. The league name is Ed' Fantasy Football and the password is Kleese. The league ID # is 334308. Not sure if the link I'm providing will take you there, but that info should get you there.

I set up the league rules so that ALL aspects of the game are emphasized-- not just scoring. I also set negative points for INT's, fumbles, etc...

I set it on auto draft, which means you rank each player at each position and then it drafts automatically based on those rankings as compared to the others in the leage. The draft will take place after enough teams have registered and I activate the league. I have 14 slots open, and I'd like at least 8-10 teams.

This is by no means an ultra-serious league, but I would like only players who plan on keeping up with the league to join. It's no fun when people sign up and then disappear. Spread the word. Thanks!

NOTE* My email address is edskin1@aol.com -- I had to use a different address because I started the league from work.