View Full Version : Your MVP 2005 stats?

03-28-2005, 05:46 AM
I'm finished with the 1st regular season, Reds went 92-70 to win the division. Cards won the WC. I'm in All-Star mode with Pared's sliders. Kearns worked out well at 3rd after all :thumbup:

2B Jimenez .276 8 84 12
1B Casey .306 16 96 2
3B Kearns .312 33 108 8
LF Dunn .285 42 112 14
CF Pena .276 38 98 12
RF Griffey .268 36 94 2
SS Lopez .278 12 76 18
C LaRue .258 8 56 3
Avg. pitcher: .046 AVG

UT Freel .237 0 13 22
C Valentin .246 3 9 2
RF Stratton .246 7 16 0
SS Aurilia .286 10 26 4
IF Randa .286 4 16 2

Pitching: ERA
Milton 3.24
Wilson 4.23
Ortiz 4.76
Harang 3.56
Hudson 2.43 (time for a promotion)

03-28-2005, 09:33 AM
Im taking too long on my season but I have Pena sitting the bench. Looking at your number with Pena, perhaps I should be playing Pena and moving Ears to 3rd... Oh, and I created myself and put me at SS since we dont have a "chosen one'. You dont see very many lefty SS's who can play the position like Ozzie. ;)

03-28-2005, 04:27 PM
Did you play out all the games or sim some?

03-28-2005, 06:05 PM
Moved to non-baseball? It may be a video game, but it's still Reds baseball...

I played probably 80% of games, simmed the rest.

03-29-2005, 09:07 AM
I'm in August right now in the midst of a heated pennant race with the Cards.

Dunn, Pena, Kearns, and Randa all have over 20 hrs and 60 rbis. D'Lo, Larkin, Freel, and Larue all have over 10 hrs and 35 rbis.

MY offense is outstanding! MY pitching sucks. MY rotation is Milton, Harang, Ortiz, Acevedo, and Claussen. MErcker is my closer. I traded away Jr., Wilson, Graves, and whoever had a high salary that was easily replaceable. Casey is injured for the year so I moved DUnn to 1B and put Freel in left. I'm 2 games behind the Cards but I lead the Wild Card over the Mets by 2.

03-29-2005, 10:23 AM
Moved to non-baseball? It may be a video game, but it's still Reds baseball...

I played probably 80% of games, simmed the rest.I'm going to guess it was moved for the benefit of the "easily-confused." That's why there's a separate forum for Fantasy BB.

03-29-2005, 02:01 PM
I'm on All-Star level, with the sliders up on power, and contact hitting for both comp and player up around 30. And I still win 2-1. My pitching is unreal, and my hitting is just a touch better. I probably have 6 or 7 shutouts after 30 games. My leading HR hitter is Dunn, with 4, Casey with 3. I've made their power higher and the actual player one slider up on contact and power. What else do I have to do?