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05-27-2005, 10:24 AM
He was mentioned in the Live forum and it reminded me of the movie on Monday, as well as some other programs. Regardless of political affiliation I think many can respect his will to survive.

Here is the info about different tv programs as well as the movie.

A&E May 27 04:00pm Eastern
Series/Documentary, 60 Mins.
"Code of Conduct"
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and other former POWs discuss the experience.

A&EMay 29 10:00am Eastern
Series/Documentary, 60 Mins.
"John McCain: American Maverick"
John McCain, shot down on a bombing mission, becomes a POW at the Hanoi Hilton.

Future Airings:
Biography, A&E Jun 01 08:00pm
Biography, A&E Jun 02 12:00am
Biography, A&E Jun 03 08:00pm
Biography, A&E Jun 03 10:00pm
Biography, A&E Jun 04 12:00am
Biography, A&E Jun 04 02:00am
Biography, A&E Jun 04 05:00pm

Faith of My Fathers (2005)
ARTS May 30 08:00pm Eastern
Movies, 120 Mins.
(Rated NR) (Y)

Young John McCain becomes a naval pilot, spends five years as a POW in Vietnam and later becomes a U.S. senator. Based on the book by Sen. John McCain.

Cast: Shawn Hatosy, Scott Glenn, Michael Arata, Joe Chrest, Erin Cottrell, Brian F. Durkin, J D Evermore, Nicholas Sean Gomez, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Justin Groetsch, Troy Ruptash, Jason Alan Smith.
Director(s): Peter Markle.
Producer(s): Alan Barnette, Delia Fine, Michael Jaffe, Tom Thayer.
Writer(s): Peter Markle.

05-27-2005, 10:31 AM
:dancingco Thank you!

05-30-2005, 11:31 PM
I'm proud to be a democrat, but I really really like John McCain. I hope he makes a run for president in 2008. He is one of those rare politicians who does what's right for the country even if his party doesn't agree with him. I really respect that man.

On another note, here's a website that some here may be interested in.
It's a virtual march on washington that is just getting underway to urge politicians to stop dragging their feet on this important issue as well as to give average citizens information on what they can do to solve the problem. The reason I mention it here is because Senator McCain is one of the leaders of the movement as well as Robert Kennedy Jr.