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08-01-2005, 10:44 PM
man, where does time go????? This was somewhat inspired by GAC's post about his kid's baseball game. I walked upstairs to look at some of today's sports news and my daughter was lying in her bed, out like a lightbulb. I had to stare, because where her full-size bed, with her purple canopy over it sits, used to sit her baby crib. She just turned 8 in June, but it seems as though I can still hear her wake up crying in the night.

I don't mean to drown you folks with this emotional dad sappy stuff, just the last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster ride around my house, and sometime, just sitting down and typing it into words can make you feel better. We had to have the family Labrador put to sleep 3 weeks ago and that has taken a toll on all of us also. He was 10 and so much a part of us that the silent void around the house without him is deafening.

I guess that's what makes me think so much about all of this, is that I am getting older, which means my daughter is getting older, and it's like one day I'll turn around and she'll be grown and on her own. Time truly does fly when your having fun.

Anyway, thanks guys and gals for being great listeners :)

Falls City Beer
08-01-2005, 11:00 PM
"Lively boy,
the only age you are alive
is like this day of joy,
a clear and breathless Saturday
that heralds life's holiday.
Rejoice, my child,
this is the untroubled instant.
Why should I undeceive you?
Let it not grieve you,
if the following day is slow to arrive."

Giacomo Leopardi "Saturday Night in the Village"

08-02-2005, 12:49 AM
Aww, I'm sorry about your dog dman. :( That's always tough.

Roy Tucker
08-02-2005, 09:00 AM
dman, I so much know where you are coming from.

I just compared a recent family photo to one from 2-3 years ago and all 3 of my kids (17, 14, and 12) are about a foot taller than they were. My son is almost as tall as I am, my middle daughter is taller than my wife, and my youngest is doing her best to catch up.

And I just got grayer and wider. Where did my little punkin kids go and who are these big loud zitty obnoxious kids that have taken their place?

We have a yellow lab now and I had a black lab before that. I had to have him put down when he was about 12 and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Cried like a baby.