View Full Version : ISO: High Res Pics of Former Reds

01-26-2006, 11:29 PM
Sort of a different request that I haven't run across before on here. I'm looking for any websites (or personal uploads) that might contain High Res pics (or just bigger pictures) of former or current Reds (more emphasis on former). I've checked the usual suspects (www.cincinnatireds.com, cincinnati.com) and I've done some extensive googling, but I can't seem to come up with anything other than the big names (Rose, Bench, Perez, etc).

The real player I've been after is Lee May and I've especially struck out finding anything bigger than a thumbnail. I have a nice printer and if I could find something close to an 8x 10 I'd love to print it out and have him sign it at the winter caravan stop. I know I should just buy it but I find that printing them out with a little photoshop help looks nice and is cheap (aka perfect for a college student).

I think others might possibly use these for autographs, desktops, whatever in the future so if someone has some good ideas or a good collection on the hard drive, I'd really appreciate a link or upload.