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01-27-2006, 12:06 AM
Watching Florida play South Carolina this past week, we will stand as good a chance--probably better than most--to win the SEC. The overall talent level is pretty even this year and this team is actually playing like a cohesive unit. It might be the competition to a certain extent, but these are still quality victories and, overall, quality team play.

01-27-2006, 02:12 AM
Should we bump up that old 'Fire Tubby' thread?

01-27-2006, 02:17 AM
The SEC is a lot better than I thought it would be this year. Tennessee is probably the team to beat right now in the east. LSU will likely end up winning the overall title b/c the west is not very good. Florida is getting exposed b/c of that awful non-conference "schedule" Billy D put together. They will rebound enough to get about a 11-5 record. UT is the holds the keys to the east as I see it. They still have 2 with Vandy and UK, and they have to go to Florida and Bama. They should be able to split those and win the rest to go 12-4.

UK on the other hand, still has alot of meat on the schedule. 2 with Florida and UT, at Vandy and South Carolina (probably the toughest place to play in the SEC.) Arkansas will be a dogfight like it always is. Of those seven, UK COULD win them all. However, I don't see them going any better than 4-3. They will finish 11-5 or 10-6. I still think UK will have together by March and will win the SEC tournament (there is a slight chance that the automatic bid might be their only route to the dance.) Still with the early stuggles, they probably won't get any better than a five seed, maybe as low an eight. You can bet that no top four seed is going to want to see UK as potential second round opponent.

01-27-2006, 06:18 AM
Tennessee is the team to beat right now.

I bet Tubby is really kicking himself for letting Chris Lofton get away.:bang:

01-27-2006, 06:24 AM
On a side note, the UK girls team beat Tennessee last night, 66-63.

01-27-2006, 04:07 PM
On a side note, the UK girls team beat Tennessee last night, 66-63.

That was an excellent, excellent win for them - the first since 1986. DeMoss has really been a great hire for that program.

Our football team has had some close calls against UT, but it was nice to see the ladies finish the job last night. (And it was great that the game was on Fox Sports South so that I was able to see the finish).

As for the guys, this still looks like a struggle for the rest of the year, but they are showing some signs of improvement lately.

I think Florida still may be the team to beat - Brewer's injury didn't help them against USC, though UT is also looking good.

01-27-2006, 04:44 PM
I'm glad they lost to UT, that undefeated stuff was already starting..but sleep walking against USC was unacceptable, but..I'm glad they are getting the L's out of the way now :D

01-27-2006, 08:54 PM
I was never really worried too much about UK's defense. So now that the Cats are finally starting to hit their shots, they remain a team to be feared within the conference every night they play.

For me, the real bugaboos this year are still:

1) The excessive fouling by the UK frontline players (Carter/Sims/Morris)
2) Inconsistent free throw averages -- although it is getting better
3) Awful shot selection at KEY game situations (see: Joe Crawford)
4) Overall Chemistry/Selfishness issues with Rondo/Bradley/Crawford

I agree that Tennessee is the biggest surprise in the conference this year. From what I have seen of them, Arkansas will be a serious matchup problem for the Cats. Florida will be still be the SEC litmus test, but I expect the Cats will be ready to avenge last year's debacle when they travel to the O'Dome in a few days.

Now that Tubby has shed the jacket a few times this year. I am feeling better about his chances to right the ship. All it will take is a "stolen" SEC road win here or there and the Cats will run off 8 or 9 in a row. Of course it never fails that they will come out flat against a lesser opponent for 1-2 more dog games this year (Mississippi or MSU?). It is how they bounce back from those performances that will define this team.

01-28-2006, 08:53 AM
On a side note, the UK girls team beat Tennessee last night, 66-63.

Yesssss! ......and over 13,000 (obviously the most ever for a women's game in Lexington) at Rupp to watch! It must've been sweet for DeMoss as she shook hands w/ her mentor after the game.

I'll be part of a, hopefully, raucous crowd at Rupp tomorrow to help the men battle the Hogs.

01-29-2006, 02:53 PM
Isn't it odd being a Kentucky fan and pretty much knowing in Mid January you can't win the title? I don't see how Tubby lasts if he doesn't get some elite talent soon. They BARELY win home games against average SEC teams.