View Full Version : Seeking help/advice regarding stoplight cameras

Big Donkey
02-03-2006, 03:13 PM
Ok, here's a quick story on what's going on, and hopefully someone would be able to lend me a helping hand and lead me in the right direction, perhaps.

A few weeks ago, my car literally blew up as I was driving it to work. Caught fire and messed the engine up good, obviously. It's out of commission probably until the spring until I get a replacement motor for a few hundred dollars, or have to relent and get another car altogether. Anyway, my dad had a spare car, and offered it to me until I get things sorted out in the next few weeks. I have the insurance officially switched over to this replacement car I am driving, but, since my birthday is just a few weeks away (and I know this isn't right), I was going to hold off until then on getting the license plates officially switched the right way. Basically, for a couple weeks, I've been driving my dad's car with my own plates on it, the insurance is the only thing that's been switched over.

Now, things get more interesting. Last night, I was driving home and got to a red light that is one of the ones with a camera installed near the intersection. It's a light I've gone to tons of times, and nothing has ever been set off, but I guess this once, I happened to hit the sensor, and it flashed off. I did not run the red light, I don't think I've ever done that; in fact I was turning right on the street at the intersection (it was not a "No turn on red" intersection).

But now I am absolutely paranoid because of the fact that the license plate I have on it doesn't match what my plate is registered to and it certainly got flashed. I've heard, that on these cases, the picture is given to an assigned officer who reviews if someone actually ran the red light, and even if they didn't (which I didn't), they still mail the picture to you with an explanation that you aren't fined. To get an address, I am certain they will use the plate to try and get ahold of me.

Now, beyond the actual story, my question is, is it true that you get mailed even if you didn't run it? What I am holding out hope for is they see I didn't run the light and just throw it out without even getting into my plate. I am wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with this situation with the stoplight cameras? If they do mail it to you anyway, I am wondering if there's a certain period of time I would have to get the plates straightened out before they review it or if it's something they get right on this morning (it happened later last night, around 11:30pm or so).

Anyone who has info or advice, I would greatly appreciate it, you guys come through on just about any subject that ever comes up. Thanks a lot.

(Note: I edited "gone through" into "gone to" in my description of what happened, as it sounded like I DID go through the light. I just meant simply drove up to the redlight at the intersection, just in case anyone was confused by my poor syntax.)