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02-05-2006, 01:56 AM

Britney Spears left a number of Malibu shoppers stunned when she announced she was expecting her second child.

Pop tart Spears was shopping in a furniture store when she made the revelation.

One shopper told In Touch magazine: "Britney put her hands on her belly, laughed and said: 'That's right, number two!'"

The shopper added: "I've heard from other people in the neighbourhood that she is pregnant."

One of Britney’s ‘closest’ friends later told In Touch: "Britney is definitely pregnant again. She's acting the same way she did when she was pregnant with her first child."

What? Being hormonal? Irrational? Britney’s first child Sean Preston is only four months old.


Britney Spears is reportedly expecting a second child.

The 'Toxic' singer gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston, four months ago.

America's In Touch magazine quoted a friend of the singer as saying: "Britney is definitely pregnant again.
"She is acting the same way she did when she was expecting her first child."

The magazine also claimed she had been seen patting her stomach and telling onlookers in Malibu: "That's right. Baby number two."

One shopper said: "I've heard from other people in the neighbourhood that she is pregnant, and she looks it."

Meanwhile, Britney's mum, Lynne, has revealed she is happy and loving motherhood.

She was quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "She's really picky.

"She doesn't let just anybody hold him, but she lets me. But she's very happy."

Lynne, 47, also insisted Britney's husband Kevin Federline is a hands-on dad and helps out with his 16-week-old son - despite rumours he was constantly partying following the birth.

Last month, dancer-turned-singer Federline laughed off rumours his marriage to Britney is on the rocks.

The pair have been plagued by speculation they will split following reports of a string of furious bust-ups.

02-05-2006, 02:14 AM

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