View Full Version : Zimpher taking a page from the Lindner/Allen playbook

02-13-2006, 03:43 PM
People at UC have been blabbing since last August that Skip Prosser was going to be the next coach. My guess is they did this to smooth over the rough waters with the fans. Well, today Gregg Doyel, senior basketball writer for CBS Sportsline (who lives in Cincy btw), published this little gem.

"And Skip Prosser received some ugly writing on the wall. Since summer, Prosser has been The Next Coach at Cincinnati. Now, in the past few days, Cincinnati has let it leak that, well, Cincinnati might not be able to afford Prosser's buyout from Wake Forest."

Nothing like tossing out some big names to make the fans believe you actually care, then let the excuses start flowing. The only thing Nancy & Co will need to do to complete the Allen/Lindner ensemble is start citing the Huggins buyout and poor attendance for the reason they can't afford to hire a high profile guy. Looks like we are going to get a mid-major nobody. Go biology department!

This woman has single handedly destroyed a national basketball program. Unbelievable.