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02-19-2006, 06:36 PM
Didn't see this posted anywhere. I for one have just seen who my favorite for 1st base coach is. Yeah the guy listed below is my fav, I just really like Hatcher.

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Notes: Multi-tasking Krivsky settling in
Hatcher interested in first-base job; Narron deals with big roster
By Mark Sheldon / MLB.com

SARASOTA, Fla. -- There has been little time for the dust to settle in Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky's universe.
Since his hiring on Feb. 8, which was just over a week before Spring Training opened, Krivsky has kept the club's human resource staff busy. In a short amount of time, he has reorganized his front office staff, hired several new scouts and signed a few players.

All of this while also settling personal affairs at home in Texas and making the trip to Florida.

"There's a stack of paper I'd like to put a match to," Krivsky joked on Sunday. "But other than that, I'll get organized. My assistant, Debbie Bent, is so organized. She's making me look a little better than I am now. There are a lot of good people here."

Krivsky isn't done with trying to make improvements this spring.

"I'm still looking for a starting pitcher to add to the mix," said Krivsky, trying to address the club's main offseason concern.

One thing the new GM has yet to do much of is watch his pitchers and catchers work out on the practice fields.

"I'd like to get out there and observe. I'm more interested in the games," Krivsky said. "But I'd like to get out there a little bit."

On other issues, Krivsky said he fully supported manager Jerry Narron's suggestion about releasing Josh Hancock on Saturday when the non-roster pitcher reported to camp overweight.

"He handled a tough situation yesterday with Josh very well, very professional," Krivsky said. "He had the end-of-the-year meeting with every player: 'Hey, there it is right there. You were told.' I think it was important he could fall back on the year-end conversation with every player so that when you have something like this, there's not a whole lot a player could say."

Hatcher interested: The Reds' search for a new first base coach went outside the organization (sort of) when Billy Hatcher was interviewed for the position.

"He's outside of the organization, but I guess it's not when you're a former Red," Narron said.

Hatcher, a member of the Reds 1990 World Series team, was the Devil Rays first base coach the past couple of seasons under former manager Lou Piniella.

Ken Griffey Sr., Pete Mackanin, Ed Napoleon and Lynn Jones are the internal candidates. The club doesn't plan to conduct any more interviews, and Narron hoped to have someone named by Wednesday at the latest.

"They're all good people," Narron said. "Somebody is probably going to be mad at me. I consider them all friends."

Krivsky gave Narron full control over the decision.

"It's his call," Krivsky said.

Blank board: Above a couple of chairs in Narron's Spring Training office is a chalkboard that usually has players' names listed from his roster. Since camp opened Thursday, the board has been blank.

"Too many names," Narron said.

Cincinnati will have 61 players in camp this year, including 30 pitchers. That's not counting pitcher Jung Bong, who already left the team to train with Korea for the World Baseball Classic.

Because of the crowded roster, Narron knows that some players will be disappointed with their playing time.

"It's the way the game is," he said. "Everybody is not going to get the same amount of chances."

"I would not expect us to be this heavy next year," Krivsky said. "Ideally, you want to be between 24-25 pitchers and somewhere in the mid-50s with total players. We're a little heavy right now. That will take care of itself."