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02-20-2006, 10:07 AM
OK, I think I have found the perfect trading partner for Krivs for his upcoming first blockbuster. And that would be the Giants. Here's why.

#1) Sabien has shown a propensity for veteran players time and time again, even worse than DanO did.
#2) This is Bonds' last year so the window is closing fast on this team.
#3) If Bonds can play 100 games, he has to think he has a great shot at winning the division given last year's results.
#4) They have some holes we match up with.
#5) Krivs knows their system well, having plucked Nathan from them while in MIN

I believe that they could have reasonable interest in the following players. Aurillia (not sure why he left), Weathers, Mercker, Freel, Pena, Kearns, Valentin. If they get off to a good start (ERA around 4 at end of april), I also believe they would have interest in Wilson and Milton.

Here's where I would need help from the board. Is the above list right? Who would we want back? I can target Foppert, Valdez, Lowry, Neikro, Cain. But I am not sure who else is worth our time.

02-20-2006, 01:48 PM
Unfortunately you have to take Bonds out of the equation b/c he has a great future as a politician since you can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. The Giants have the unenviable position of paying Barry Lamar Bonds at least 22 million for his final season of his contract, and he's on record supposedly saying he's not gonna play any longer than through the 07 season, but what are we to believe?

As much as I hate to say it, with Bonds on the way out the door, and Sabien liking 30 somethings, Junior Griffey makes the most sense to send that way. I say we send Aurilla and Womack with him to help carry luggage.

As for people we'd want from the Giants, this is my list after glancing at their roster, but I'm sure the board will continue to piggy back this thread.

Jeremy Accado
Kelyn Acosta
Matt Cain
Kevin Correia
Noah Lowry
Scott Munter
Jesus Reina
Erick Threets
Merkin Valdez

All those guys are all pitchers. As for hitters...

Maybe Lance Niekro
Todd Linden

And that's really about it for their 40 man, b/c they don't really have anything too substantial that's not on their 40 man that I saw, but I could be wrong.

02-20-2006, 01:56 PM
Forgot about Correia. He would be solid.

Griffey makes a lot of sense, but I was going under the assumption he wouldn't accept a deal out there. Throw that assumption out and it makes sense.

02-20-2006, 03:35 PM
Just looking over the Rockies last few years of trades and I would think that they haven't made a good trade in forever. The best trade here might have been cutting loose of Romano. Which means I would target them.

Acquired outfielder Luke Allen from the Los Angeles Dodgers for infielder Jason Romano.

Acquired IF Mark Bellhorn and RHP Travis Anderson from the Chicago Cubs for IF Jose Hernandez.

Traded P Chris Michalak to Cincinnati for a player to be named later.

Acquired SS Tony Womack from Arizona for minor league pitcher Mike Watson

Traded INF Tony Womack to the Chicago Cubs for minor league RHP Enmanuel Ramirez and cash considerations.

Traded IF Mark Bellhorn to the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named

Finalized the trade with Toronto, acquiring RHP Sandy Nin as the player to be named in the Justin Speier transaction.

Traded RHP Justin Speier to the Toronto Blue Jays for LHP Mark Hendrickson and a player to be named, and traded Hendrickson to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for LHP Joe Kennedy.

Traded SS Juan Uribe to the White Sox in exchange for minor league INF Aaron Miles.

Acquired LHP Luis Martinez and RHP Chris Narveson from the St. Louis Cardinals as players to be named in earlier trade that sent OF Larry Walker to St. Louis for RHP Jason Burch. Assigned Martinez to Triple-A Colorado Springs and Narveson to Double-A Tulsa.

Acquired RHP Aaron Taylor from Seattle in exchange for RHP Sean Green.

Acquired RHP Jose Acevedo from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for RHP Allan Simpson.

Traded RHP Shawn Chacon to the Yankees in exchange for Minor League RHP Ramon Ramirez and RHP Eduardo Sierra, both of whom were assigned to Double-A Tulsa.

Acquired RHP Zach Day, OF J.J. Davis and a Minor League player to be named (acquired Minor League OF Cedrick "Doc" Brooks from Washington as the player to be named later in the July 13 trade for outfielder Preston Wilson) or cash considerations from the Washington Nationals for OF Preston Wilson and cash considerations; acquired OF Eric Byrnes and INF Omar Quintanilla from the Oakland Athletics for LHP Joe Kennedy and RHP Jay Witasick.

Traded OF Eric Byrnes to the Baltimore Orioles for OF Larry Bigbie

Acquired LHP Ray King from the Cardinals for OF Larry Bigbie and 2B Aaron Miles; Acquired C Yorvit Torrealba from the Seattle Mariners for RHP Marcos Carvajal

Acquired INF Jamey Carroll from the Washington Nationals in exchange for cash considerations.

If i'm not mistaken they basically traded Juan Uribe, Justin Spier, Jay Witasick, Eric Byrnes, Larry Bigbie, Aaron Miles, Mark Hendrickson & Joe Kennedy to get a package of Ray King, INF Omar Quintanilla & RHP Sandy Nin. Or Really what it boils down to is Juan Uribe, Joe Kennedy (Or Spier whichever you prefer) and Jay Witasick. That's 3 quality major leaguers for 1 solid LH reliever and 2 minor leaguers. In fact they haven't made many deals for solid ML's w/o turning them around and dealing them.

So with that in mind how about Bubba Nelson and Jung Bong for Ray King? Or even Nelson and a PTBNL for Zach Day. I know Day isn't particularly the popular guy around here (Neither is Bubba) but I like his makeup and his penchant for throwing GB's.