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02-20-2006, 01:21 PM
This is what they have it at for week 1 so far. It's a sportsnation poll so it's basically the nations opinion on where we are. For those who don't know the formula under is Current Rank, Last Weeks Rank (Done end of last sea.) Last seasons Record, and comment for this season. Just so you know I participated and came up with us 23rd. My 1-2-3 Going in were A's, Cards then the WSox (It's always hard for a team to repeat)! Vote for yourself at the below link.


1 2 White Sox 99-63 The first to repeat since the '99-'00 Yankees? Why not. Adding Javier Vazquez gives them even more depth in the starting rotation.
2 4 Athletics 88-74 Add Frank Thomas and Milton Bradley to the lineup and add Esteban Loaiza to an already deep rotation and what do you have? A title contender.
3 5 Yankees 95-67 With Damon, Jeter, A-Rod and Sheffield at the top of the lineup, the Yanks could easily top 900 runs scored and perhaps make a run at 1,000.
4 1 Indians 93-69 Overcoming last September's stretch-drive failures early will be key. How much will they miss Coco Crisp?
5 6 Mets 83-79 Despite all of the offseason upgrades, the Mets could be thin in their starting rotation if an injury or two crops up.
6 10 Red Sox 95-67 Without Johnny Damon patrolling center field, outfield defense could be a big problem for the Sox.
7 3 Cardinals 100-62 This team may very well win the Central, but a third straight 100-plus win season doesn't seem likely.
8 16 Blue Jays 80-82 From A.J. Burnett to Troy Glaus to Bengie Molina, new names will be everywhere this spring at the Jays' camp in Dunedin, Fla.
9 8 Braves 90-72 Marcus Giles in the leadoff spot? Chris Reitsma as the closer? No Leo Mazzone? Oh, so many questions surrounding the Braves.
10 19 Rangers 79-83 With three new starters (Kevin Millwood, Adam Eaton and Vicente Padilla) and one reliable setup man (Akinori Otsuka), the Rangers finally have some pitching to complement their potent offense.
11 7 Angels 95-67 The Angels, 10th in the AL in home runs and ninth in slugging in '05, won't be confused with the '27 Yankees anytime soon. Expect to see the Rally Monkey working a lot of overtime this year.
12 11 Brewers 81-81 Up-and-comers? Possibly. They have a lot riding on youngsters Prince Fielder, J.J. Hardy and Rickie Weeks.
13 15 Giants 75-87 The Barry Show is coming to a stadium (and television) near you. As long as King Bonds stays healthy, the Giants will contend and be worth watching.
14 27 Dodgers 71-91 You'll need a program to identify all the new faces in Dodgertown. But after one of the worst seasons in club history, rookie GM Ned Colletti has restored optimism in L.A.
15 14 Twins 83-79 Everybody's preseason darling in '05 can't do any worse, can they? Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer must become offensive leaders.
16 12 Astros 89-73 Here's hoping the World Baseball Classic fuels The Rocket's competitive juices enough to return to the Astros for a five-month season.
17 22 Cubs 79-83 Best offseason news: A $13.5 million bleacher expansion project will add about 1,800 seats to Wrigley Field. Means even more folks calling in sick on Fridays.
18 9 Phillies 88-74 Jon Lieber and Brett Myers combined to win 30 games in 2005. Much of the same, if not even more, production will be needed from the two in '06.
19 18 Tigers 71-91 Look for new manager Jim Leyland to put his stamp on this team early. The clubhouse should have a different vibe.
20 23 Padres 82-80 The Padres look to defend their NL West title with a mix of youth and experience. But they have serious starting pitching issues, so it could be a short reign.
21 26 Pirates 67-95 This year's All-Star Game hosts are quietly developing some star talent, like young pitchers Zach Duke, Paul Maholm and Ian Snell.
22 24 Devil Rays 67-95 Two things the Rays have -- offense and outfielders. One thing they don't have -- pitching, beyond an emerging Scott Kazmir.
23 20 Orioles 74-88 Chris Ray is a flamethrower, but will he be able to handle the role as closer? The O's can only hope so.
24 28 Reds 73-89 Pitching coach Vern Ruhle's goal? To not finish dead last again in the NL in ERA.
25 21 Nationals 81-81 A new season ... but still, no new owner. Meanwhile, what will happen when Frank Robinson tells Alfonso Soriano to go to left field?
26 25 Mariners 69-93 Kenji Johjima's baseball skills won't get lost in translation, but how well the Japanese catcher handles Seattle's pitching staff remains a big question mark.
27 17 Diamondbacks 77-85 The bullpen is still horrid. But here are three good reasons to watch the D-Backs: Rookies Conor Jackson, Carlos Quentin and Stephen Drew.
28 30 Royals 56-106 You can't fault the Royals for trying, adding guys like Reggie Sanders, Mark Grudzielanek and Scott Elarton. They should at least win more than 56 games.
29 29 Rockies 67-95 The team is virtually the same as the '05 version. The big additions are Jose Mesa and Yorvit Torrealba. It looks like another lowly season in the Mile High City.
30 13 Marlins 83-79 New manager Joe Girardi has said none of his Marlins players will be allowed to have any facial hair. What's next ... bedtime at 9 p.m.?

02-20-2006, 01:39 PM
It's sad, but I actually found this encouraging... I was expecting 28th, ahead of just the Marlins and Royals.

02-20-2006, 01:47 PM
I think the D-backs and Mariners are ahead of us.

But we totally rock over the Marlins Royals & Nats :D

02-20-2006, 06:26 PM
24th is pretty decent for a team that only won 73 games last season and has a lot of unknown heading into the season.

02-21-2006, 02:43 AM
no way the tigers are better than us.