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02-26-2006, 08:23 PM
I've decided to get me some XM Radio, mostly for baseball. I live in North Carolina and can't listen to the games down here. And the recent thread on sateliite radio has made me decide to do something I never thought I would ever do..pay for radio.

My question is this..

What's the best receiver? I'm doing my research and there's home kits, car kits, and a hundred things to consider.

Then I find this XM MyFi receiver. Contains the car kit, the home kit, and headphones and a built in antenna...this is important because I train for and run marathons....

Anyone got suggestions on a good XM receiver?

02-26-2006, 08:36 PM

I got the MyFi when I made the plunge, and I love it. It comes with a home and car adapter kit, so I am good both places.

So far on its mobility, it has been sketchy when moving. I have been advised to put an antenna in that is external and that that helps. It has been good at the gym on the treadmill, less good actually running. That said, it's benefits FAR outweigh it's drawbacks.

Hope that helps some.

02-26-2006, 08:37 PM
I can't really answer your question on which is the best receiver. I know there are some around here that have multiple receivers who might be able to give you a better idea of which ones are better. However, I will say that if you love baseball, the XM service is well worth the money. I've been addicted to the MLB channel since I got it and can't wait for games to start.

02-26-2006, 09:01 PM
I've got the Delphi MyFi, and at my Rec Center that I go to, I don't get reception very well. But if I'm going to go work out, I will record music or MLB radio so I can play it back when I am somewhere that I don't get good reception. It can record up to 5 hours of radio, so even if you don't get reception some places, you can still record stuff during the day to prepare for that.

I get very good reception with mine everywhere else basically and it is easy to switch from the house, car, and pocket. I love it.

02-26-2006, 09:08 PM
I've got the Roady2, it's fairly cheap now, like 50 bucks in places, and I have no complaints. No reception problems to speak of.

cincinnati chili
02-26-2006, 10:19 PM
I've had my Delphi for 2 months, and I"m not exactly "rough" with it. But already, the "1" is stuck. So to get to XM 175, I have to dial up 200, then scroll backward.

pain in the butt.

It's probably still under warranty, so I might get a new one if I make time to do it.

02-27-2006, 12:23 AM
I have the Delphi SkyFi2 and my wife has the Pioneer XM2go.

I have no complaints about the SkyFi - I use it here in my office at home with the boom box kit and in my car, and it works fine.

However I am a tad disapointed with the performance of my wife's XM2go. It's a "portable" in name only, as the only time it is really portable and getting a signal is seemingly when you have nothing over your head. Its internal antenna is virtually worthless as it doesn't get a signal in a car unless it's plugged into the car's external antenna. The only time it works indoors is if you set it on a window ledge.

But I picked that one over the Delphi MyFi because of reliabillity issues. Two coworkers have returned their a combined five times in the last year due to it crapping out. Don't know if they've made any improvements but both went to the Pioneer when it came out. And we all have the same gripe about it.

As far as home kits go, when we bought the Pioneer unit it came with everything. A car antenna and mount that included a power adapter. A home kit with a port to recharge and get antenna signal, and all kinds of mounts and belt clips to go with it. I bought the car kit and the boom box, and the boom box is plugged in to my office near the window. The Pioneer home kit is in our bedroom where we run the antenna wire along the baseboard up to the nearest window.

But if you're training and that training will be outdoors, you can't beat it. I just re-upped for another six months for both our recievers and will continue to do so. Never thought I'd be so happy paying for radio.

Also know that both the Pioneer and Delphi units have MP3 capability, so if you have songs you like you can save them and listen to them later. I have friends that do that who don't get signal at work. Record at night and then get to work and listen to the recorded music all day.

Good luck

02-27-2006, 12:47 AM
I've had my Delphi for 2 months, and I"m not exactly "rough" with it. But already, the "1" is stuck. So to get to XM 175, I have to dial up 200, then scroll backward.

pain in the butt.

It's probably still under warranty, so I might get a new one if I make time to do it.

My "1" is stuck, too. Maybe I'm wrong about it, but it almost seemed like a software thing than a hardware thing.

02-27-2006, 12:54 AM
I tried running with the XM2GO/Pioneer and the reception kept on going out. Plus the little ear buds that come with it kept popping out of my ears. So it's probably better if you playback recordings and get a better head phones when you run.