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Krivsky chats from Spring Training
New Reds general manager updates fans from camp

Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky fielded fans' questions during a live Web chat Monday from Spring Training in Sarasota, Fla. Krivsky answered questions about his baseball philosophies and the players in camp competing for a roster spot.
Krivsky: Hi Reds fans, great to be here. I'm looking forward to your questions.

redleg2006: Mr. Krivsky, how is Adam Dunn coming along with the transition from left field to first base?

Krivsky: Adam is working very hard with Bucky Dent at first base, particularly in regards to his footwork. He has a good teacher and Adam is a good athlete and we're confident he will make a smooth transition.

Base_Ball_2: Do you think Jerry Narron will carry 12 pitchers out of Spring Training? With so many multi-positioned players on the roster, I don't see the need for the extra bench player. Any thoughts?

Krivsky: From all indications and talking to Jerry, he prefers to carry 12. However, that is all subject to change depending on health and performance. If we'd open with 12 on Opening Day, it doesn't necessarily mean we'll stay with 12 all year.

n84reds: My question concerns third base -- what is your opinion on Rich Aurilia in regards to his potential this season, and will Edwin Encarnacion's status depend on how he dos this spring?

Krivsky: Nothing will be handed to Encarnacion this spring. However, going into camp, we are looking for him to play well and continue to improve. Aurilia is a quality veteran who still has a lot of game left in him. It will be up to Jerry to decide how he is best utilized either in a starting position or utility role.

Base_Ball_2: Does Tony Womack have a chance to be on the Opening Day roster as the starting second baseman?

Krivsky: Absolutely. However, there is strong competition from others including Ryan Freel, Aurilia and non-roster invite Frank Menechino.

riverasave: Do you think that your time with the Twins will help you run the Reds, or are they two completely different teams in the way they are run?

Krivsky: In my 11 years with the Twins, I learned an awful lot. They do things the right way. Due to our similar market size, many of the same practices will be employed. I can't say enough about my time there and working with Terry Ryan and many others to try and make the Twins a consistent contender over a period of time. We certainly hope to do the same in Cincinnati.

Ron_Diersing: Mr. Krivsky, thanks for taking the time for this chat. What is your draft philosophy?

Krivsky: My draft philosophy is to take the best available player, regardless of high school, college, position player or pitcher. I will leave the final decision to Chris Buckley and his staff. I certainly plan to sit in on all of our meetings and ask plenty of questions and do a lot of listening. Chris is very experienced and comes from a strong scouting background with the Blue Jays. I'm very pleased to have him on board and I'm confident we will have productive drafts in the near future.

n84reds: I have read about your first phone conversation with Ken Griffey Jr. What was that like, and as you look back now does it seem funny?

Krivsky: Had I known it was him, I would have handled it a little differently. The timing of his call could not have come at a more hectic time because I was completing the Adam Dunn contract and was scheduled for a radio interview in five minutes in Cincinnati. When I clicked over, I had no idea who the call was or where it was coming from. And for privacy reasons, Ken didn't want to identify himself because all he knew was that he was returning a call to someone named Wayne. Because I was in such a hurry to finish Dunn's deal, I wasn't exactly making a positive first impression. When I got to Sarasota, he and I had a good laugh about it.

Jason_Coe: Will Freel be our starting second basemen this season, or will he also get some starts in the outfield as well?

Krivsky: That will be determined in Spring Training. The final call will be up to Jerry. Either way, he is a very valuable member of our team.

Dave_Hall: I was impressed with past performances of Luke Hudson, but he had injuries. What is his status and is it likely he will have a future with the team?

Krivsky: Luke was outrighted off the 40-man roster and will be trying to make it as a non-roster player.

cugalmd: I was very pleased to see you hired Squeaky Parker, who has had an accomplished career in scouting. In what capacity do you see the team using him?

Krivsky: Squeaky was a tremendous addition. He will cover the Major League teams in Tucson for Spring Training. Once the season starts, he will primarily cover the Southern League and be available to me for special assignments and also some Major League coverage in September.

joncross2000: What are you seeing in Spring Training that is encouraging to you? Discouraging?

Krivsky: The thing I'm most encouraged by is the overall positive mood and approach by all of our players and staff. They are getting a lot of quality work in. For the most part, we have been free of any significant injuries, knock on wood.

swattotrot: Homer Bailey continues to hyped up by the media. With our weakness in the rotation, is it a possibility for him to see some time in the Major Leagues this September?

Krivsky: It would not be out of the question. However, I am not one who likes to rush young pitching to the Major Leagues. Realistically, he will start the season most likely in Sarasota. His performance will dictate whether we move him up during the season. The important thing is for Homer to continue to develop and build arm strength and stamina.

dpoynter: How is Paul Wilson progressing and what are the chances he will return to 2004 form?

Krivsky: Paul is progressing nicely. But I hesitate to talk about any time table for his return. We will take it one day at a time, and do what is best for Paul so he can be a key contributor to our staff at some point during the season.

Dave_Hall: I am thrilled to see past Reds helping out in Spring Training and supporting the team. Is there any more on the horizon we can look forward to seeing.

Krivsky: So far, this program of bringing back ex-Reds has proven to be very positive and beneficial. I think we're on to something that will continue. We really feel that many of the former Reds have a lot to offer in terms of relating to our younger players and helping them understand what it takes to win.

walter_wiseman: I am curious about the signing of so many veteran players. Is this part of your philosophy or just the best available players this year?

Krivsky: My philosophy is one where there is always room for quality veteran-type leadership. I know Jerry shares the same idea, particularly as it pertains to his bench. Younger players have a difficult transition coming off the bench when they are used to playing everyday in the Minors. In many cases, it is better for that younger player to play every day in Triple-A to get his neccessary work and development time.

Base_Ball_2: Any chance we could trade for someone like Glen Perkins? Think the Twins might give him up in the right deal?

Krivsky: I am not at liberty to discuss players on other teams. I would prefer not to be fined by Commissioner Selig this early in my new position.

Base_Ball_4: If you sign Pedro Astacio, where do you see him fitting in and who's place will he take in the rotation?

Krivsky: If we sign him, he would come into camp and compete for a one of our starting spots. Who he would replace or beat out would be determined by his Spring Training performance and the performance of others.

prose14: Please tell us you intend to bring some versatility back to Cincinnati regarding mix of everyday players? This has been one dimensional home run derby here in Cincy the last few years.

Krivsky: It is always a positive, especially in the National League, where your bench is made up of players who can play different positions. It gives Jerry a lot of flexibility in the moves he can make during the course of a game.

Krivsky: I wish I could answer more of your questions. On behalf of the Reds, we really appreciate your interest and hope that you will all come out to the ballpark this summer and see some exciting baseball. Hopefully, we'll be able to have another chat and I can answer more of your questions.

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