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03-06-2006, 01:10 PM
Do you think that if W-Kriv was the GM when Sean Casey was traded, that we would've gotten Zach Duke? Oliver Perez? Zach Duke AND Oliver Perez?!

Do you think that we could've got Felix Hernandez for Austin kearns three years ago?

Do you think that we would have enough to trade to get Brain McCann? Brayan Pena?

If we did get McCann/Pena, do you think Seattle would take LaRue and Valentin for Hernandez?

Do you think that Paul Wilson could've had us Chase Utley two years ago? Pat Burrell? Gavin Floyd?

Do you think that Luke Hudson, Brian Shackelford, and Phil Dumatrait would be enough to land us Joey Gathright? Johnny Gomes?

Do you think Freel can start everyday at 2B? Do you think he will?

Do you think Justin Germano will amount to anything? Travis Chick?

For that matter, do you think Randa could have netted us Tim Stauffer?

Do you think Jeff Kent would be of any use to us? Cesar Izturis?

Do you think Hanley Ramirez could be had? Scott Olsen? Travis Bowyer?

Do you think we could have Kevin Youkillis for Joey Votto?

Do you think Andy Marte is available still? Would you trade Kearns for him?

Well...what do you think?

Patrick Bateman
03-06-2006, 01:17 PM
Other than the Freel and Chick question my answer is a big fat no to all of the above.

03-06-2006, 03:15 PM
LOL to the Felix Hernandez ones. They probably wouldn't trade him for Adam Dunn, much less our aging catching platoon... the "for Kearns three years ago" got a "hmmm..." but can you imagine the abuse Bowden, or any GM, would have taken for trading a player already in the majors, widely viewed as a breakout candidate for stardom, for a 17-year-old Low-A pitcher? How often would that work out, really?