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Gainesville Red
03-18-2006, 10:54 PM
Just got the SS game in Orlando.

Here's a shocker, Reds pitching is bad. Every once in a while Williams would look good for a couple of minutes, and then remember who he is. Sometimes he would have a batter completely bewildered, and then give up a rocket with the next pitch.

Robbins looked bad.

Lopez looks a little bigger to me this year.

Ede looked good, Wise played well again. Layed down about as nice a bunt as you can, he's had a nice spring. I'd consider giving him a shot.

Arrived at the stadium in time to watch Stratton take BP. He's a beast. McGwire-esque moon shots.

Reds stole a couple bases easy. McCaan bounced the throw to second on a couple of them. Didn't look like he had much behind the throws.

Lost track of what was going on in about the fifth inning. It was super hot, had to drink beer faster to keep it from getting warm.

Ran out of money, have a sun-burned neck.

The stadium's in Dinsey's Wide World of Sports, and is nicer than some MLB stadiums I've been too.

Doesn't look like the other half of the team did any better.

Nice to hear the crack of the bat, UF advances. It was a good day.

03-18-2006, 11:04 PM
Thanks for the rundown GR :)