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03-21-2006, 01:18 AM
Vote for all players currently on the ineligible list that you believe should be in the RedsZone Hall of Fame. This is a multiple-choice poll so you're allowed to vote for more than one player.

For this poll, it will just be a strict 2/3 vote required for all three of them, regardless of era. Also, since this could be a touchy topic due to Pete Rose, I'll turn off the public vote so people can vote how they really wish without feeling as if they're opening themselves up to criticism.

This will be the final poll for the RedsZone Hall of Fame for this season. Once this poll closes, I will post a new thread containing the full RedsZone Hall of Fame as it stands as of the inaugural 2006 class. If people wish, I can continue on next season and make it an annual event with each poll containing players that have not yet been voted in, plus the new 2007 BBWAA ballot candidates. I will also likely drop all players that failed to receive at least five percent of the vote. If anyone has any other ideas, by all means let me know; I just put this together as a fun offseason activity for all to enjoy.

If we do continue the polls for next season, I will include the Negro League stars with the Major League stars at the respective position each Negro League star played in. Right now, if I created a separate poll for the Negro League stars, I don't think it would generate much more than 10 or 15 votes. By combining the Negro Leaguers with the MLB stars, there will likely be more people willing to vote on them.

The stats for the ineligible players in this poll:

Player Innings ERA+ Era
Eddie Cicotte 3,223.1 123 Early Modern to WWII

Player Career WS Peak WS WS per 162 Top Season Era
Joe Jackson 294 150 35.81 39 Early Modern to WWII
Pete Rose 547 160 24.70 37 Post Integration

03-21-2006, 01:26 AM
I voted for Pete Rose b/c you can't leave a guy like him out of the hof.He may have gambled but he played the game like it is supposed to be played on the field.If they are going to let cheaters who use steroids in the HOF then Pete Rose should be in there to.