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03-27-2006, 03:23 AM
10 team 7x7 rotisserie.



We start C-1B-2B-SS-3B-OF-OF-OF-UTIL


C- Hernandez
C- Willingham
1B- Lee
2B- Weeks
SS- Reyes
3B- Wright
OF- Dunn
OF- Holliday
OF- Winn
OF- Mench
OF- Green
OF - Wilkerson
2B/3B- Polanco
UTIL- Hafner

SP- Buerhle
SP- Haren
SP- Lackey
SP- Blanton
SP- Patterson
RP- Nathan
RP- Hoffman
RP- Gonzalez

I am very happy with my closers. I am pretty happy with my starters, especially since I got them all 9th round and later. I have to many OFers and will have to figure out who I can trade.

The only thing left on the waiver wire is OFers, and as far as pitching goes there's Mussina, Liriano, Linebrink, and Duchscherer.

Hermida and Crosby are also on the waiver wire. I was considering picking up Crosby so I'd have a backup at every position.