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03-27-2006, 07:28 PM
He gets: Wily Mo Pena

I get: Burgos

I have only two closers (Streets and Isringhausen), but a deep bench. I could afford to lose Pena. But for a 6 week close (Until MacDouglas is back) and SP that I will probably drop. I have Livan, Schmidt, Carpenter, Burnett, Millwood and Ol. Perez.

He owns Closers Reistma, Gagne, Nathan, Burgos and Jenks. His startering pitching is Clemens, Liriano, Bonderman, Zito, Mulder and Lowe. His bench is Thome, Drew, Barmes, Del. Young. His other outfileders Beltran, Bonds and Bay.

What does anyone think of this trade and does anyone have a counter in mind that I could propose?

03-27-2006, 07:51 PM
Unless Nixon gets traded, I believe Burgos and Lowe is a pretty decent trade for Pena. Even if Pena starts regularly, the only thing he offers is HR and decent RBIs. His AVG, E, K, BB, OBP, and probably even runs won't be worth his HRs depending on your settings.

Also, even when MacDougal gets back, he won't be promised the closer role. Especially if Burgos takes his chance and runs with it.

Maybe you could get Reitsma from him over Burgos if you feel better with Reitsma. Also, I'd debate right now if Perez is actually better than Lowe. Perez is hurt or he would not be throwing 88 MPH.

03-27-2006, 11:54 PM
Buckeye knows what he is talking about. Lowe has looked very good this spring, do the trade.

03-28-2006, 08:22 AM
I would do it in a heartbeat also.