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The Dragons have a better color crew than the Reds do.

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Old left-hander joins Dragons' television team
By Marc Katz

Dayton Daily News

Guess who's rounding third and heading for home plate at Fifth Third Field?

Long-time radio broadcaster and former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Joe Nuxhall finds golf isn't all he needs at age 77 even though he had a fine time on the links Thursday near his Fairfield home. Nuxhall has agreed to do about eight games with Dayton Dragons broadcaster Mike Vander Wood on Time Warner Cable (Channel 25) this summer.

The Dragons season opens Thursday with a televised game, although Nuxhall probably won't do that one. He's also scheduled to do about 20 games with Marty Brennaman on the Reds radio network.

"It's baseball," Nuxhall said of broadcasting Class A games. "You've got to do something. I've been involved in baseball a long time, and it's hard to stay away from it, as I found out last year."

Two years ago, the Reds moved to ease Nuxhall out of the broadcast booth, bringing in Steve Stewart to pair with Brennaman. Nuxhall did about half the games, then last season was reduced to eight.

It wasn't enough for Nuxie. He loves baseball. He loves the Reds. Now he'll be able to see a few future Reds. A couple years ago, on an off day for the Reds, Nuxhall visited Fifth Third Field, sat in the stands and ate popcorn while he watched.

"I've been to Dayton on many occasions," Nuxhall said. "I always appreciated their support of sports, period, not only baseball, but UD. And, of course, I played there (not with a Dayton team) in the old Central League and Ohio State League.

"It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'll be able to see what kind of players the Reds have."

When Nuxhall isn't available, former Reds pitchers Tom Browning and Ted Power, as well as former Cincinnati outfielder Ken Griffey Sr., will work the games.

Vander Wood brainstormed over the winter with team president Bob Murphy to determine who would work the games with Vander Wood. On televised nights, Vander Wood moves from the WING-AM (1410) radio booth to the TV side. When that happens, Chad Duff also a former Dragons broadcaster will do radio games with Owen Serey, a recent UD grad (as is Duff).

"I was a little surprised everyone I asked was willing to do it," Vander Wood said. "They know we have a lot of fans. With these names, we should get increased viewers for television."

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This is nice for Joe..right up there in Dayton.