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alex trevino
04-01-2006, 02:51 PM

Dodgeball game leads to assault charges
Associated Press
LIBERTY, Mo. - A youth minister was charged with assault for allegedly knocking a 16-year-old boy down and kicking him in the groin after taking a head shot from the teen in a dodgeball game.

David M. Boudreaux, 27, was charged Wednesday with one count of third-degree assault. According to court documents, the incident happened in February at Crescent Lake Christian Academy.

Authorities said the teen missed Boudreaux with one throw but then knocked the youth minister's glasses off with the next.

The boy apologized, authorities said, but Boudreaux pushed him backward, and when the teen got up again, Boudreaux kicked him in the groin and left.

The teen suffered whiplash and post-concussion syndrome and had blood in his urine after being kicked, according to court records.

Boudreaux later apologized, prosecutors said.

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I'd never do anything like that. http://lastperson.suncircle.org/Smileys/default/Innocent.GIF

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that kid must have some nice name if he hit the dude in the head