View Full Version : Well, at least the offense looked good

04-04-2006, 12:10 AM
Just got back from the game about an hour ago, despite the loss, I still had a good time. Hey, it's baseball, right? The pitching and defense stunk, however, I was very impressed by the offense. They showed great discipline at the plate(I believe they had 10 walks?). The wind also robbed them of more runs.

Womack surprised the heck out of me. Two walks and an extra-base hit...in the same game? What's next? Dogs and cats sleeping together? I doubt it will last long though.

Felipe showed good patience at the plate, drawing two walks and grounding a single into rightfield.

Griffey had a solid line-drive single to center and drew a walk. He looked good at the plate. I could see him hitting 40 this year if he stays healthy. He, too, just missed hitting a slammy.

Dunn looked locked in at the plate. He just missed a grand slam in the first inning; sort of looked like the wind may have knocked it down. Second atbat resulted in a solid single to right. 3rd ab: Lined a homerun out to right after falling behind 1-2. 4th ab: Chased a bad ball to strikeout. 5th ab: Probably the hardest hit ball of the day - Hairston made a great play to rob him of a run-scoring double.

Edwin was the only player to look bad. It appeared he was trying to hit a 500 foot homerun each time up. I'm not worried though; he'll come around.

Hatteberg was another guy that surprised me. He did a great job of working the count and not chasing bad balls. His homerun was an absolute laser to right-center. Maybe he can put together a career year like Randa did last season.

Kearns - I was pretty impressed with Austin today. He just missed hitting a first inning grand slam. I thought the ball was gone off the bat, but it looked like the swirling wind in left may have knocked it down.

Valentin...I told my dad that Javy was going to hit a homerun today. I could just feel it, and after Javy hit that deep fly ball - I jumped up and told him "I told ya so!"...moments later the ball just died and Pierre made a nice catch to rob him of extra bases.

Harang once again proved that he has the best swing in baseball.