View Full Version : Somebody care to explain this to me?

04-04-2006, 10:04 PM
Marlins 11
Astros 0

Mitre went 6 and gave up 3 hits, meanwhile Pettite gave up 10 runs. :eek: Not bad for the Baby Marlins.

04-04-2006, 10:22 PM
I had a choice between Pettite and Cabrera. But I already had Oswalt.

Stupid fantasy baseball.

04-04-2006, 11:31 PM
Crazy first couple of days of baseball. Now all of a sudden I don't feel so bad about us getting our butts kicked so badly. Looks like everyone was lacking passion this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, i'm capable of slamming myself with a joke. I don't take myself that seriously, trust me :) )

04-04-2006, 11:31 PM
Even the 98 Marlins won 54 times.

04-05-2006, 12:07 AM
Haha. So true. Sad thing is, I bet the 98 Marlins could have beat the snot out of our 2001 Reds. At one point, that team had the likes of Ruben Rivera, Pokey Reese, Gookie Dawkins, D.T. Cromer, and others all starting because of injuries. And I haven't even mentioned how bad that rotation was, hahaha. Wow just thinking of that year makes me feel so much better about any other year!

Doc. Scott
04-05-2006, 01:44 AM
There's Pettitte, on my fantasy team. I see the Marlins on the schedule and my eyes light up. Then Andy himself lights up.

04-05-2006, 03:46 AM
ah yes, the baby Marlins...

just because they are young, doesnt mean they wont be half way decent

their offense will be better than last years, book it... and Im not sure if I have said it around here, but remember the name Josh Willingham folks(if not,i apologize for i have been hyping him up since 2002 on other boards)...

and seriously, it's nice to see a team with no expectations having some fun, instead of last year's team projected to win and sucking ass

04-05-2006, 08:43 AM
Nice to see ya back, ramp!!! :wave:

04-06-2006, 03:56 AM
Nice to see ya back, ramp!!! :wave:

04-06-2006, 04:02 AM
I think the Marlins will win more games than the Nationals.

04-06-2006, 04:38 AM
The best 3 rookies of the year might be on the Marlins roster. You could choose between Willingham, Hermida and Jacobs, who homered in his first MLB at-bat. THey're young and hungry and will go through their ups and downs, and in a few years they will be a scary team.
Hanley Ramirez as a 22-years is 5 for 9 so far this season.

04-06-2006, 02:34 PM
I've been pondering this for a long time.. but I think i finally understand what happened.

Bud Selig: Hey, has anybody seen my easy button.
Assistant 1 (Chris): Here, use my easy button to find your easy button.
Assistant 2 (Bob): Won't that like tear a hole in the universe or something?
Assistant 1 (Chris): Eh, whats the worst that could happen?
Bud Selig: That IS the worst that could happen. Fine, here it goes.... Hey it worked, but wheres Bob?

When will people learn, you can't use somebody else's easy button to find your easy button. YOU'LL TEAR A HOLE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

04-07-2006, 12:22 AM
Anyone with a $14 million payroll these days that gets a win is doing well.