View Full Version : Boss or GIK: Posting Problem

04-08-2006, 07:23 AM

I talked with you about this problem a few months ago that I was having, and you suggested that I contact VBulletin (I think).

After I log in, and try to reply on a thread, and hit the submit button, I get the login screen up that tells me I have to login. Which also means I lost what I tried to type and have to start over.

And it is doing this to me on any computer I utilize. Not just any particular one.

I always check the "remember me" box after I login.... and it also seems to "disappear" for a short time whenever I got to the FAQ page on here and clear cookies. But then returns.

And I never have the problem while on the Peanut Gallery site.

I would really appreciate any assistance anyone can give me, or who at VBulletin I could contact.