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04-10-2006, 03:32 PM
From ESPN the insider.

Pitching a trade?
Apr 10 - Even though their outfield logjam is settled, the Reds are still shopping Austin Kearns to see if he can bring back a decent starting pitcher in a trade, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

Interesting...... yeah it makes some sense, come to think of it. You deal Austin and you have a gazillion players to replace him with @ AAA some of which could bring as much to the table This year as Austin can. You could then play Freel, Denorfia, Mc Cracken etc. in the OF.

Here's another thought, Griffey said that the natural progression would be CF to RF to LF to 1st Base. How about Jr. to RF and Freel/ McCracken/Sanchez to CF (for this season) that might make the overall defense better. This would make some sense as to why we dealt for Phillips.

Just a note here, I'm not trying to come up with a plan, I am merely trying to figure out what the FO may be thinking. I also happen to think Larue might be headed somewhere too. Maybe both to the Dodgers? Things that make ya go hmmm.