View Full Version : Organizational depth chart and contract status chart

04-10-2006, 04:08 PM
I thought some of you guys might be interested in this (http://redlegnation.com/2006/04/10/new-features/).

Over at RN, we have debuted a couple of new handy reference tools. The first is the “Big Board,” an in-depth Reds organizational depth chart. Not only do we have the rosters for each club (with Billings and GCL rosters to come after they are finalized, which will be in June, after the draft), but it’s a true depth chart. By that, I mean that we have the starting rotations of each club, in order, and the starters and bench on each team. It’s a snapshot look at the organization, who is where and who is waiting in the wings. We’ll be keeping this updated almost daily, as transactions occur.

Our next feature is the Salary Chart, which examines the current and future contract status for the players on the Reds roster. Wonder how much Eric Milton is still owed on his contract? Check the Salary Chart. Want to know about the mutual option on Rich Aurilia’s contract? Check out the Salary Chart.

We’re always asking questions about the current and future payroll, here at RedsZone and elsewhere. Now we have a resource for that that is as complete as we could make it, and we will continue to update as we get new information about salaries and contracts.

If you're interested, both can be found at this link (http://redlegnation.com/2006/04/10/new-features/), and at the top left of Redleg Nation's site.