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04-22-2006, 11:07 AM
The REDS have a knack for winning close games. Losses are always tough, but it's been said that it seems easier to take a beating than a 1-run loss. A 1-run game & an extra inninng game seem to put the diehard fan on edge... whether the REDS are trying to protect a 1R lead, trying to score when down 1R or battling in extra innings. A 10-1 win is taken anytime and enjoyable. A 3-2 win makes you pump that fist an extra time and perhaps let out a "YEAH" when the last out is recorded.

The REDS have given us more ups than downs this year and in the recent past in this regard as the following shows:

1-Run Games
2006: 4-1 (17G)
2005: 21-17
2004: 24-20
2003: 30-21
Last 3+ Yr: 79-59 (.572)

Ex. Inning Games
2006: 0-0 (17G)
2005: 5-2
2004: 12-7
2003: 15-5
Last 3+ Yr: 32-14 (.696)

* The REDS have not played extras yet this year. Last year they didn't go into extra innings until May 9... their 31st game. The REDS lost to the Padres 6-5 in 13 innings in that game. Danny Graves blew a save (4 runs in the 9th ; Harang: 8IP, 3H, 1R). The winning pitcher for the Padres that day? Chris Hammond.

04-22-2006, 08:45 PM
Lots of power + shoddy pitching + small park may have alot to do with winning close and late games if your pitching plays over it's head that particular day. I would be interested to see how many blowouts we have had vs. us against better competition in the past few years. And how many of those close games were against weak hitting teams with so-so pitching. Like say the Pirates. Also the home/away ratio!