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Sabo Fan
04-26-2006, 12:37 AM
Here's a deal I made today:
Received: Nick Swisher, Francisco Liriano, Brandon McCarthy
Send out: Alexis Rios, Odalis Perez, Jeremy Bonderman

My thought here was to capitalize on one guy off to a good start (Perez) as well as a guy I picked up on waivers last week (Rios). Perez scares me because his K/BB ratio doesn't look good and he always seems to fade. Plus his wins have come against some not-so-great competition. Bonderman I like, his peripherals look good and he pitches in a decent pitchers park, but you have to give to get.

Obviously my return probably won't pay off for at least a month. I'm banking on the Twins waking up by then and getting Liriano into the rotation. Once in I think he'll dominate. Swisher is a guy I really like who seems to be playing a bit over his head right now, but I'm hopeful he can stay at a pretty high level. McCarthy is sort of a throw-in here as the other guy had him on the bench and I saw a guy who has really excelled in relief and might be a good starter if someone in that Sox rotation is dealt or maybe he gets moved himself. He'll get me a few good innings and maybe vulture some wins in long relieft until then.

Questions? Comments? Defamations? Attacks?

04-26-2006, 08:26 AM
Overall it's really close. If your league allows Holds it would favor you a little more and if it was a keeper league than it was fantastic. Swisher is playing a tad above his head, he still will finish the year 30HR 100RBI. He wouldn't have been a 1st round draft choice by the A's GM if the they didn't think he could do that every year. I own Liriano in 2 leagues and the short term he has help with my K's and last night gave me a Win.
I think Rios is playing more over his head than Swisher; advantage Swisher. Liriano vs. Od. Perez; advantage Liriano. Bonderman vs. McCarthy; advantage Bonderman.
I say you win by a little.

05-12-2006, 06:52 AM
What's the hold up? Do the deal now! Rios is playing over his head, and seems to still be in a lefty/righty platoon in Toronto. McCarthy will start whenever needed in Chicago, and Liriano's ceiling is unlimited. Bonderman is a quality pitcher, but I think you are getting value in return.