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05-04-2006, 10:50 PM
Hope the title is clear :) Anyways i posted this in the gamethread about 5 mins ago and im in a hurry so wanted to post it now here, i really wanna look into this.

This post was over looked due too Harangs 11th K of the night :)
Anyways it deserves to be a thread here we Go.

Hey Guys. Just wanted to stop in for a second.. Been busy with stuff while i watched the game tonight and ive missed being here but I got company coming soon so Great game so far 2nite we are Winning.
Anyways Im noticing something and i wanted to bring it to your attention.
Has anyone else noticed that our Hitters are MORE productive with certain pitchers on the mound for us. We are more pataint, more productive and we are putting up some big numbers and if you look it all corisponds with who our SP is.

Just look :) I been lookin at it off and on and didnt pin point it to just a few moments ago.

This should be a Thread!! anyways lol i'll start it later maybe.

Look Harang on the mound tonight and we've pounded in 7 runs.. Claussen on the mound last night we didnt do a thing.. Now.. tell me if im WAY off here but i really dont think i am.

We have scored ALOT when Harang and Arroyo are pitching.. Also MORE HITS etc. done well with Rameriz and Milton on the mound too. Just take a second and look :)

When Claussen and Williams pitches it seems like we are quicker on swinging away and not being pataint.. IM NOT SAYING everytime. I mean sometimes its good to jump on 1st and 2nd pitches but just have a look see at what im saying and i'll look more into it to.

Im thinking for psycological reasons we are more LOOSE and Pataint with certain pitchers.. while when our worst go out there we are anxious and quick to pull the trigger.

Ponder it let me know what u think and i'll read back later. Got a Freind will be here anytime now..

Later Guys!!
GO REDS!!!!!!!!

05-05-2006, 02:33 PM
Last year Harang was our best pitcher (by far) but got the worst run support. We actually won more of Ortiz and Milton's starts than Harang's.

05-05-2006, 06:01 PM
Yea im talkin about this year. I just happend to be Glancing through some wins and such lol looking at the runs and hit tottals of games this year and noticed we were better at the plate when Harang Arroyo and Milton are Pitching, yet less walks and hits when claussen and williams are pitching.... circumstance???? Prolly.. but its a thought.