View Full Version : a couple of early season observations

05-05-2006, 09:27 PM
I kinda miss out on the gamethreads 'cause I work late and TiVo all the games so I thought I'd add my 2cents...for what it's worth of course....

--I think the solid winning record in spring training was kinda overlooked. Winning(and losing)is contagious and it could be that getting used to winning this spring just kind of carried over to the regular season. Most people don't put much stock in spring records and with winning organizations it probably doesn't matter. The Sox(both of them)could've probably gone 0 fer spring and still came out smoking and with alot of confidence but for teams who aren't used to winning a good spring has to help.

--I couldn't believe Krivsky added Brandon Phillips and that he had to take up an actual roster spot.....now a month later Phillips is one of the two or three guys in the lineup that I can't wait to see come to the plate. My apologies Mr. Krivsky.

--anyone notice that Valentin isn't quite as crouched over at the plate(especially from the left side)as he was last year? He was so locked in that it just appeared that it was impossible for anyone to throw anything by him. I remember Jack Clark having that same look about him at the plate for the Cards at one point...maybe you'll know the year.

--it seems that often times a team will have one pitcher that for whatever reason goes a whole season with no run support....I hope Claussen doesn't fall into that rut.

--in the very pleasant surprise category...Rick White. Who'da thunk it.

--speaking of the bullpen....usually the Reds pen is toast by mid to late June but at the current pace they might actually be able to produce all season. Maybe Hammond has watched enough baseball during his time off to figure out how to get a lefty out.

deep thoughts to be continued...

Jack Handy