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In August 1869, the Southern Base Ball Club travelled from New Orleans to Memphis (one game), St. Louis (three games), Louisville (two games), and Cincinnati (one game). The last game was against the Red Stockings, who handed the Southerns their only loss. When the club returned New Orleans, they boarded carriages and paraded threw the streets by torchlight, with bands, and several other base ball clubs of the city. People came out to welcome them home, etc, etc.

Found this in the Daily Picayune August 29, 1869:

Let us ever strive to keep awake in the breasts of our young men a noble emulation, and base ball is ennobling, for it gives strength to the body and imparts vigor to the mind.
We have had, as a people, too little outdoor exercise; our boys have been kept too much shut up at home or in schools, and attention has been given to the development of the brain at the expense of the muscles. Base ball has become a national game, and it is, perhaps, the best that can be devised for exercising the entire body, and, at the same time, diverting the mind.
The Southerns was the first base ball club [from New Orleans] to venture away from home, and to engage other clubs upon their own fields, and have returned home victors in six out of seven contests. Their defeat by the Red Stockings was to have been expected, as the latter club has been severely trained, and are what is known as “professionals” – that is to say, they make a business out of pleasure.

The more things change?

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