View Full Version : Pitching in the Minors??

05-07-2006, 09:58 PM
Hello I have been a Reds fan for over 28 years now. I wanted to know if there is any pitching down on the farm, about ready or will be ready soon for the big show? It just seems that either the Scouting or the player Develpment never works in the Reds favor.

P.S. Did the Reds rush Ryan Wagner or what happened to him? I know he is in Louisville, but his stats suck.

05-07-2006, 10:58 PM
sadly, there isnt a ton of true pitching prospects close to the majors. The last 2 drafts have given us a few guys, but they are all in the lower minor leageus right now. Ramirez who is with the big league club right now has pitched quite well. Justin Germano hasnt had a season as god as one would hope so far in AA. Down in AA Phil Dumatrait and Travis Chick are both pitching well, but Chick especially needs more time in the minors, and Dumatrait probably gets a promotion to AAA if he continues ot pitch well before the end of the season. In Dayton and Sarasota is where our most promising prospect pitchers are at. Sam Lecure, Homer Bailey and Camilo Vazques are all in Sarasota. Down in Dayton Travis Wood, Johnny Cueto, Philippe Valiquette and Zach Ward are all having some success....but overall the Pitching seems to still be a few years away for the Reds before any true impact guys come along.

As for Wagner, I am not sure if the Reds rushed him or if guys figured him out and he cant handle struggling....It seems like one day he is completley on, then the next day, he cant get anyone out.