View Full Version : Can Shackleford start?

05-09-2006, 04:46 PM
Anyone know if he has ever started in his career? Not sure if he has 3 pitches but the Belisle thread got me wondering about this. If neither of them can start, I agree they should both see more use in relief. Let White and Hammond share the long relief void.

05-09-2006, 04:48 PM
He's a lefty specialist so I doubt they want him to pitch to all the rightys. I really don't know though, but I wouldn't try it now that he's having success.

05-09-2006, 05:34 PM
I agree that he should stay in bullpen, he's one of our most reliable arms right now in relief. Belisle on the other hand has been a starter all the way up and I would really prefer to see him take Williams' spot.

05-09-2006, 06:25 PM
nope. he is a converted position player and has never started in the minors