View Full Version : The comeback kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-11-2006, 11:22 PM
Down 4-1 in the 11th and did'nt panic to come back and win the game.Just call this team the comeback kids b/c this bunch of guys NEVER give up.I officially really BELIEVE that this team can win and stay in the race for along long time.Besides needing a starting pitcher all this team needs are their REDS FANS to start coming every game by the thousands dressed in nothing but red to come and watch what could possibly be a winning year.

If this game tonight does'nt prove to all the reds fans that they just might be a contending team this year and if it does'nt get all of the reds fans to start going to all the reds games then nothing will.I live in WV and its very hard for me to go to alot of reds fans but I beg all of you that live close to the stadium or and hour away to go to the stadium and what this team win.:beerme:

Henry Clay
05-11-2006, 11:47 PM
I loved the result from this game and the enthusiasm it generates. This kind of game can generate a spark and a hot streak. Here's hoping! The team will need that kind of spark against the Phillies. As for enthusiasm in Cincinnati and greater turnout, I agree that it is needed. The team needs to see that kind of support. The community needs to see what kind of ball team they have this year. And ownership and management need to see what can happen at the turnstiles if a winner is put on the field. Arroyo's starts get people excited. I think ownership/management has figured that out. If the team can make one other smart pitching addition, the fans will get even more excited. I think fans want to believe, but it's kind of tough to do so after 5 years of bad teams and a handful of false good starts. I think this team is better than those teams due to better starting pitching, a nice blend of power and speed, better defense up the middle thanks to Phillips and Freel -- and Griffey tonight, and a surprising start for Weathers as a miscast closer. If the team can shore up the closer spot, do something about the back end of the rotation, and stay healthy, I think it can compete. If it competes, the fans will show up. If both things happen, Castellini & Co. will have more money to invest in the team. Sounds like a happy story.

05-12-2006, 12:12 AM
I agree Clay with everything you said They are something very different about this years team compared to the previous teams.I love the way they go into a game with an acual game plan and I think alot of that difenantly comes from the coaching staff.They make the oposing pitcher work much harder then previous teams,they have 8-9 pitchs thrown to them if not more before they get on base or even an out.The speed is just amazing on this team!! they got 8=9 stolen bases in two days thats amazing.

We need atleast one more quality starting pitcher that will give us 7 innings like Bronson and Harang gives us every start.As for the fans I know its difficult to start going and watching the reds play and then maybe they fall out of the race BUT I think if they would walk out and see GABP sold out then they would'nt drop off at all b/c they know the fans finally believe in them and that right there is enough to make a team play better all season long.

05-15-2006, 12:12 AM
I think this topic needs deleted b/c ever since it was posted we hav'nt won a game.Who could have started a topic like this to give us bad luck??(All fingers point to me) :bang:

Take this badluck topic off and we might start winning again!!!:D