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05-14-2006, 01:36 AM
I dont know much about the Reds farm system. Could you enlighten me on some of their top prospects? Thanks

Scrap Irony
05-14-2006, 01:53 AM
A Quick Run-Down:

Position Players
Jay Bruce-- OF (18)
Top power potential and production from 2005 draftee in low A. Reds fans love his pop and five-tool ability, but worry about his abaility to take a walk and his K's.

Adam Rosales-- SS
Rosales had the best year of anyone offensively among the 2005 draftees. This season, he's struggled with an injury, but his talent is intriguing. Playing in High A.

Joey Votto-- 1B
Votto opened eyes and hopes in 2004, but took a giant step backward last season. The hopes of most on this board are that he plays well in AA, but his prospect status has understandably slipped.

Miguel Perez-- C
Think Jim Sundberg. Subtract 30 points from the SLG %. Yes, he's that good defensively. Yes, he's that bad offensively.

Chris Denorfia-- OF
AAA/ MLB tweener at this point. He's Brady Clark with a bit more pop and a bit less speed. Good, valuable player to own, but, with an already crowded OF, his impact in Cincinnati may be best through trade.

Other interesting names:
Paul Janish (Hitting this year. For the first time. Ever. Good D at SS.)
BJ Szymanski (Struggled mightily early, but has busted out of slump in low A. Very old for league.)
Cody Strait (Speed and some pop, but old for league.)

Homer Baily-- SP (19)
Young, talented and not yet dominating. Two no-hit performances sanwich a start in which he struggled. Nice to see some improvement. Most are waiting for the inevitable arm injury, as it happens to all Reds pitching prospects, seemingly.

Travis Wood-- low A (19)
Best year of any pitcher from 2005 draft class. Regressed a bit this year, but pitching fairly well so far. Needs a couple dominating starts before being mentioned with Bailey.

Others to watch:
Johnny Cueto (Solid year so far. Supposedly great stuff.)
Zach Ward
Sam LeClure
Rafael Gonzalez
Phil Valiquette
Travis Chick
Phil Dumatrait
Tyler Pelland

Others I've missed?

05-15-2006, 03:03 PM
realistically, I would list Reds "top prospects" like this:

1. Homer Bailey
2. Jay Bruce
3. Travis Wood

everyone else, lets see what happens by the end of the year. No one else is distinguished enough to have real value. I've been burned too much by lists inlcluding the likes of Ricardo Aramboles, John Roper, Brandon Larson and Dane Sardinha. The rest of these guys after the top three need to prove themselves for at least another season at their respective levels before they appear on any of my lists.

05-15-2006, 05:00 PM
Wow, thanks, guys. I appreciate the answers!

05-15-2006, 05:06 PM
Wow I must vastally overrate Bergolla. I thought he was one of our better prospects.

05-15-2006, 07:38 PM
Wow I must vastally overrate Bergolla. I thought he was one of our better prospects.
No power and no plate discipline are not a good combination, but he's fairly young, good at defense, in AAA, and can hit at a decent average.

05-15-2006, 08:02 PM
just by looking at his stats , I'd say Johnny Cueto @ Dayton has to be in the top 3. 3-1 3.55 with 45 k's in 33.0 IP and only allowing 22 hits while walking only 6. Plus he's just 20 years old.

05-15-2006, 08:36 PM
BigredsfaninKY, Cueto has pretty much come out of nowhere this year. He didnt even make the Reds top 30 list released prior to this season by Baseball America. I would like to see a little bit more from Cueto before throwing him into the top 3, but if he keeps it up, he could vault into the top 10 easily. For now though, I would keep him behind Bailey, Wood, Bruce, Denorfia and Votto for sure....at least for now.

05-15-2006, 10:10 PM
my top 10: 1)homer bailey 2)jay bruce 3)travis wood 4)travis chick
5)brandon szymanski 6)johnny cueto 7)joey votto 8)chris denorfia 9)miguel perez(if he can learn to hit a little) 10)sam lecure or james avery

other pitchers: phil dumatrait, carlos fisher, camilio vazquez, phillippe valiquette, jeff stevens, zach ward

other position players: paul janish, adam rosales, brandon roberts, javon moran, chris dickerson, cody strait

tyler pelland is holding his own in AA at age 22, but his walk rate scares me, along with his flyball tendency, so we may be better off trading him.

05-15-2006, 10:36 PM
The Reds system is thin. I doubt Renyolds era drafts add a ton either knowing his track record, though hitting a homerun with a starter is always nice and a change of pace from the previous regime.

Top level: Bailey,Wood,Bruce and Votto. Yeah, people will argue with Votto, but I don't see much weakness with the kid, which is always underestimated by folks. He could put up very nice across the board numbers eventually down the line. Bailey,Bruce and Wood are all based on that magic word "electricity". They got it, but hopefully they don't fry themselves while they look for maturity, consistancy and development up the ladder ;) .
Mid-level: Chick,Lecure,Tyler Pelland,Jeff Stevens. These guys have talent to be a good major leaguer, but either don't have great stuff, are somewhat electric at times, but risky(Chick would fit that mold as would Pelland) or have holes in their games.
Low-level: Shafer,Medlock,Woody,Fisher,Medlock,Avery,Guevara, Anderson,Strait,BJ and Janish. These prospects are either future relievers or fringe prospects who could be a diamond. Denorfia once walked among these ranks.

I also question whether Buckley will overly improve the system from the Bowden/Obrien days. I think Krivsky is going to look at trades, Rule V's and other means to bring in talent, specifically pitching talent. I think the main gripe with the system over the last decade is the lack of a good starting pitcher. If Krivsky can develope a good starter every 3-5 years, he will do well IMO.

05-15-2006, 11:33 PM
Travis Chick is being seriously underestimated because of poor 2005 where he was way overpromoted. He is only 21 and having good success this year at AA and his BB rate has come down and K rate back up. The only thing to really keep an eye on is the HR rate.

If he has a solid season he will vault to the top tier of prospects along with Bailey and Bruce.