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05-14-2006, 08:32 AM
Just Chill. LOL

Our Team is gonna have these kinds of runs during the season where we either, One, Face good pitching and struggle at the plate, or two, just slump and find it hard to plate runners.

We started the season out 7-4, in the first 11 Games of MAY we are 6-5.

Last 2 Weeks of April we went 11-4 and sealed our Best month of April in a LONG time, maybe ever id have to double check to say that for sure.

The Bats will get going again, and when they do we'll go on another tear. Here's another fact, in a Month and a half we have yet to be SWEPT or lose 3 straight games.

And so what if we do lose all 3 to the Phillies, it's gonna happen sometime or another.

The thing so far with this team is we have been able to find ways to win and not lose to many consecutive games. We are 4-6 in the last 10 games right now. But headed into the 2nd half of the month.

Another thing im gonna point out in this post, once again like i've said all season. 15 Wins a month is a 90 Win season. We won 18 in April, so really we could settle for 12 Wins this month, and we already have 7 of them and 16 Games left.

So if we win 10 of those 16 thats 17 wins this month and 35 on the season :) And if we win 5 of them thats a 12 Win month and 30 wins on teh board for us :)

Also if we just win ONE game per series for the rest of this month that is SIX wins, and so far the odds point to us atleast doing that.

Another Fact: Outside of the Cardinals EVERY NL Central team has a losing record in thier last 10 Games. And BTW we are 2nd in that catagory at 4-6 Stros and Brewers are 3-7, Cubs are 1-9 and Pirates are Also 4-6. Cards went 7-3 in thier last 10. And only because we softend up the Rockies and Dbacks before they got to em lol.

Just Relax... The offense is gonna slow down here and there but with a slow start to May i feel like we'll finish out the month with a solid run.

12 Wins is the Goal to keep us at a 15 win avg per month. But I think we can get atleast 15 this month and keep us 3 Games above the 15 win avg :)

05-14-2006, 08:51 AM
I agree. IMO the fact the Reds are losing games because the best offense in the NL is not scoring runs is a good thing. All we've been told is that we will lose because of starting pitching and the bullpen. The offense is going to have moments where they can't score. But as long as some decent pitching is there when it (the offense) comes back, the Reds will start to win in bunches again.

The Reds, like every other team in baseball are not perfect. Some days the pitchers will look like they belong in A ball, other days it will be Adam Dunn. But as long as the pitchers look less like minor leaguers then Dunn, the Reds should be fine.

05-14-2006, 09:56 AM
Exactly...the season is full of ups and downs. Last week I was feeling this way about the Cardinals after a 2 game sweep by both the Reds and Astros. Next week could be totally different, and it probably will be.

05-14-2006, 10:20 AM
This forum has been this way for the last couple of years IMO.

They hang on every pitch, every A/B, every ball, every strike, and every win or loss. It's a hand-wringing, the sky is falling attitude!

The over-analysis and critiquing I find quite amusing. I understand everyone has their "bag", and what gives them the most enjoyment from the game.

But when I read over the game threads, and some of the subject matter, discussions and arguments that go on there, I find that medication is the only answer. ;)

Narron is an idiot! This mangement doesn't know what they are doing. And they'd all be doing better if they would only listen to us fans who know it all.

Fans never change. :lol: